A Debit Card with Mobile banking & More Services

Visa cards or credit cards are offered by lot of the banks for their customers’ effortlessness in making purchase. Nowadays, popularity of these electronic cards is increasing among the people. These electronic cards are more safe and easier to be carried by people in place of carrying money. US bank has started the Reliacard for the transfer of the unemployment advantages to the account by taking the benefits of the electronic visa card into consideration. A Debit Card with Mobile banking & More Services

The ReliaCard is a reloadable, prepaid Visa debit card that offers its users an electronic option for getting their CSEA payments. This card works like any other Visa debit card and may be utilized for making purchases in all places such as restaurants, gas stations, shopping complexes, etc. where Visa debit cards are accepted. Users can use it to pay bills, and for purchases online, by phone and by mail. Users can also withdraw cash at ATMs of the US bank or even to check their balance in the account. The amounts of cash withdrawals or purchases are mechanically subtracted from the available balance on the card.

Reliacard differs from Visa card in many features such as users can not deposit money into their account when they desire to do this. Only the governmental agency can transfer money at the specific time as this is an unemployment advantages account. People need not to pay any additional fee for the transfer of amount to their account dissimilar to the deposits made through check or Demand draft. Another feature of the Reliacard is the amount, which obtains accumulated in the account, will not be accounted for interest.

U.S. Bank ReliaCard offers a mobile-based service, ReliaCard mobile banking with which ReliaCard holders are allowed to obtain access and manage their ReliaCard accounts at any time and anywhere, and completely at their own expediency with the use of their mobile devices. Once ReliaCard holders enrolled in ReliaCard mobile banking, they can view their statements and recent transactions, check their card balance, make purchases and pay bills through a downloadable application or web-based client and text message banking. It is simple and suitable to use.

Register for ReliaCard Mobile Banking:

You need to have a ReliaCard and a legitimately registered mobile phone account for registration for ReliaCard Mobile Banking. Visit, click “Mobile Banking” and enter the ReliaCard mobile registration page. Select your enrollment type and register for both the downloadable application or web-based client and text message banking, or register in just text message banking. Enter your mobile phone information, such as mobile phone number, carrier, and phone type. Enter your card information, such as your card number and card nickname. Then follow the instructions to complete the registration process. If you have any problem in registration, you can call 866-276-5114.

After registration, users can use the card for all their purposes without any difficulty at any of the ATMs or shops where Visa cards are accepted. They can check their balance money in the account by phone, online, an ATM, and text messaging with the use of Reliacard. Reliacard generally expires after 3 years from the date of issuing of the card. Users will be provided with a new card almost one month prior to the date of expiry when this card is about to expire. If customers do not get the new card, then they can contact the US bank with their enquiries of the Reliacard at a 24 hour toll free helpline number of the customer care service.

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