Secure your Future with Insurance and Planning

Nowadays, insurance plays an important role in people’s life as the number of accidents and diseases is increasing day by day. To protect the family and ourselves from the uncertainties, we should make a proper planning by proper investment or insurance policy. Life insurance gives the financial securities to the individual family. It gives protection to the individual at the time of uncertainties in return individual agrees to pay premium amount at regular interval. Life insurance gives the financial securities to the individual’s family. Northwestern Mutual is also the life insurance company of U.S that secures the future of its customers. Northwestern Mutual is the “World’s Most Admired Company” in the life insurance industry as per ‘FORTUNE’ magazine. To give information and create awareness about the company’s product & services, company has shared all information on their official website, Secure your Future with Insurance & Planning
Northwestern Mutual is serving the insurance and investment needs of more than three million clients. It provides financial guideline and extra benefits to their clients through the website. Businessmen can also take benefits from the company as mutual insurance provides securities in their life cycle of business. Northwestern Mutual insurance provides Life insurance as well as Disability insurance, Annuities and long - term care insurance.

Life insurance

It helps to manage financial risk of personnel. If you take life insurance of Northwestern Mutual, it provides number of benefits with the policy such as conversion rights, dividend option, Guaranteed Death Benefit from Life Insurance, Guaranteed minimum cash value from life insurance etc. Life insurance policy contains the option to borrow from the insurance company as a loan at a fixed or variable loan rate.

Permanent Life Insurance

Northwestern Mutual’s whole life insurance provides protection for entire lifetime. After the death of policy holder, their nominees will receive the benefits of policy till the premiums are paid. In this plan, the company gives annual dividends to its customers that can be added in the cash value of the policy. The premium amount will be higher in permanent life insurance but it is less costly than term insurance because it gives death benefit as well as retirement benefit or other benefit to the family of policyholder.

Term Insurance

Term insurance provides security for limited period of time. If the policyholders die during that term period, they will get the benefits. The best part of term insurance of Northwestern Mutual is that it gives option to convert term insurance into permanent policy which gives security for lifetime at a guaranteed premium to the policyholder.

Combination Life Insurance

When policyholder needs both term insurance as well as permanent life insurance, a combination life insurance is helpful. It is more flexible plan of northwestern Mutual and provides variety of premium option with different coverage. This policy gives death as well as survivor benefits. It also covers estate administration costs, children’s education costs, mortgage payments, household and the child care services, and funeral expenses.

Universal life insurance

A Universal life insurance gives protection against risk for today and in the future. The flexibility of death benefit and premium gives you the protection according to your needs. You can achieve financial security in estate by taking universal life insurance of northwestern Mutual. This flexible plan allows you to alter the policy when a change in the business is required. It means this policy is helpful during the life cycle of the business. A Universal life insurance provides solution for variety of financial and insurance needs. The business planning design of universal life deals especially with Buy/Sell Arrangements, Key Person coverage, Endorsement Split Dollar Plans, Nonqualified Executive Benefit Programs, General Corporate Liability Funding, and Financial Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable universal life insurance includes life insurance policy with the potential for more cash value which can be invested in any financial product for growth. Northwestern Mutual universal life insurance invests the cash value in permanent life insurance policy for further growth.

Universal Life - Guaranteed

Universal Life - Guaranteed has more focus on the death benefit and guaranteed premiums which are more important to the client than cash value. In this plan, client can not take the loan benefit.

Northwestern Mutual provides permanent life insurance to the customers. It ranks first in customer satisfaction among U.S. life insurers. It is one of the largest direct individual life insurance providers of the nation. Northwestern Mutual offers protection along with cash value which is assured to grow over time.

Company also gives investment alternatives like Mutual Fund and additional investment products such as Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, Custodial Accounts, Stocks, Money Market Fund Accounts, Treasury bills, and Unit investment Trust.

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