Employee Self Service web portal for India

Nowadays, Employee self service is a common trend in human resources management which permits an employee to handle many job related tasks like updates to personal information, applications for reimbursement, and access to company information. Hrworkwayindia is a web portal of Aon Hewitt which accesses the information of the employee. Aon Hewitt is no. 1 human capital consulting and outsourcing firm in the world. They have good resources, global reach, and expertise to solve the evolving human resource needs. Employee Self Service web portal for India
Employee can access number of information from the portal by unique PIN and Password. After login to the website, it also provides an option to reset password and unlock account. The website provides only general information. Employer and Employee both can view their benefit, Pay, and HR information by login to It provides services like Employee data management, payroll, and retiral benefits. The website manages your Personal Information, Leave Administration, Compensation, and Time and Attendance. You can check your account information any time, anywhere without any default.

The payroll service of the website includes payroll database administration, flexible compensation administration, salary related reimbursements processing, zero to gross and gross to net processing, and many more. The retiral benefits include Gratuity, Provident Fund, and Superannuation Administration plan. Also, you can know the detail information about the each process. You can access number of information by log on to the site.

You can View/Save and also take a print of Payslips as well as Income Tax Computation Statement. You can get other information such as simulate Tax Liability, plan flexible compensation components, reimbursement history and YTD details. You can also claim salary related reimbursements and update permanent account number through the website.

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