Movie rewards program for AMC Theatre

Going to the theaters for watching movies is all about gathering new memories. Are you planning to watch Hollywood movies with your partner this weekend? If so, the AMC Theater is a good place to watch movie. AMC provides you a great sight and sound experience as well as helps to save money. AMC Theaters are moving away from the Movie watcher branding of their reward program to a new program called AMC Stubs. AMC Stubs is the movie rewards program for AMC Theatres. With this all-new program, customers can get movie theatre ticket discounts as well as keep track of their movie theater experience. Movie rewards program for AMC Theatre

With this all-new program, you can get $10 AMC Stubs Reward when you spend $100 at AMC Theatre including tickets, gift cards, concessions, and more. You can also get free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks as well as online ticket purchase fees waived. You can access to your online ticket stub collection which is one part scrapbook and one part time machine.

AMC Stubs will provide better, bigger and more benefits than previous Movie Watcher program. It has an annual fee of $12 only. The more you use the AMC Stubs card, more you will get rewards. As well, the other reward for online movie ticket is you do not need to pay fees again on your purchase of online movie ticket. So it is more convenient to buy tickets. Registration can be processed by going to local AMC Theatres or online.


To get the AMC Stubs Reward, you have to get AMC Stubs membership card from the local AMC Theatre. You can get card by providing required information. Visit to register your AMC Stubs card. It will help you to track your account and find out more valuable things regarding your next rewards.


You may join the AMC Stubs program at When you complete the sign-up process, you will receive a temporary printable membership card. You will get AMC Stubs permanent membership card 3-4 weeks through the US Postal Service and you can enjoy all the benefits of AMC Stubs.

You can get more rewards and have more fun with your friends on Facebook using AMC Stubs. The other thing is members have the right to cancel membership at any time and they will be entitled to a full refund of the membership fee during membership term. Sign up or visit to get more information.

As Movie Watcher is going far away, members will get notification about the ending of Movie Watcher 45 days prior to the launch of new reward program. They will be notified by in-theatre handouts, direct mail, and/or e-mail. The Movie Watcher coupons will be accepted up to 90 days after new movie reward program begins at an AMC Theatre.

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