eBenefits.Va.gov: Login to Apply & Check Status of your Va eBenefits

The eBenefits.Va.gov is a Web portal combined with DoD and VA service which offers resources and self service potentials to Veterans, wounded, ill & injured service members, their caregivers and families. Www.ebenefits.va.gov is the official site of this portal which is also known as My eBenefits Web portal. My eBenefits was founded in 2007 and it is central location for Service Members, Veterans and their families to investigate, find, access, as well as manage their personal information and benefits.

Www.eBenefits.Va.gov: Login to Apply & Check Status of your Va eBenefits

This web portal offers a private workplace named My Dashboard by which you can get quick access to eBenefits tools. This eBenefits tool helps to complete various tasks such as to update your personal information, apply for benefits, download your DD 214, monitor claims, view your benefits status, and manage your health. You will get this workplace after creating an eBenefits account. As well, eBenefits offers a list of links of other sites that give information about Veteran and military benefits.

The Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Administration (VA) are committed with this portal to perk up the online experience for service members and veterans.

There are three types of eBenefits account: Anonymous, Basic & Premium. There is no need to login for Anonymous and it will provide very little access. Basic & Premium accounts require login and Basic will provide limited access while Premium will provide unlimited access.

To get login in Basic or Premium account, you will need the registration first. If you are not yet registered, then first get registered for a Premium Account because it will provide unlimited access to all the advantages available in the portal. To get registered, go on www.ebenefits.va.gov and click on the Register link.

The first requirement for the registration is that you have to be registered for DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System). The veterans and service members who had join service since 1982 had got automatic enrollment in DEERS, so nothing to worry for that people. Those who served before 1982 can be included from VA/DoD records.

There is also a requirement of DoD Self-Service (DS) logon to get eBenefits. With a DS logon, one can get access to various websites including many DoD and VA sites, by using a single user name and password. People who are already registered in DEERS can obtain DS Logon. DS logon can also be obtained by veteran’s spouses and all DoD sponsors. Once you get the DS Logon, it will be valid for your whole life.

Basic Account: One can get an account immediately by applying online without verification of identity. VA will automatically offer a Basic DS Logon, if the person registers for a Basic account. A Basic account allows you to customize the site and view general eBenefits information to benefits yourself according to your needs. Basic account enables you to apply for some VA benefits, but this account does not provide personal information from DoD and VA systems. The main advantage of Basic Account is that you can upgrade more rapidly to Premium while you visit personally to a TRICARE Service Center or VA Regional Office.

Premium Account: There is a requirement of identity verification to get a Premium DS Logon to access Premium Account. Basic account access is must required to get a Premium account access on eBenefits. You can get a highest level of access to eBenefits by Premium registration. Here, you will be able to do everything that you can do with a Basic account. Additionally, you will get a personalized, secure eBenefits account which will provide personal information from your VA and DoD records. Personal information includes your VA Medical records and Official Military Personnel File.

Veterans can apply for VA home loan certificate of eligibility, apply for veterans' benefits online (VONAPP), access VA payment history, check the pension & compensation claims status, and even request a refill for a prescription online.

Service Members can get access to Service Member Personnel Information, Service Member Civilian Employment Information, Education Benefits, DoD TRICARE Insurance and more.

Family members of veterans and service members can manage claims and profiles of their warrior.
Premium Account for veterans: First obtain a Basic Account, than visit personally VA Regional Office or TRICARE Service Center to verify your identification. Bring 1 primary form of government identification with a photograph, Proof of your current mailing address, secondary form of identification and Original DD-214 with you while go to visit VARO or TSC.

To find your nearest VARO, use online VA Facility Locator. Use the Service Center Locator of your region to find your nearest TSC; 1) north Region SC Locator; 2) south Region SC Locator; 3) West Region SC Locator, and to find your TRICARE region, use the TRICARE Region Map.

Veterans having a MyHealtheVet Account can get instant Premium access via their upgraded My HealtheVet account.

Veterans who are DoD employees or contractors can get immediate access to Premium Account with their DoD Common Access Card or their DFAS myPay account.

Retiree having a myPay Account can get access to Premium Account with their DFAS myPay account.
Service Members can get immediate access to Premium Account with their DoD Common Access Card.
You can also access eBenefits in your mobile device. You can check claims and appeal your VA payment history and status on your device with your Premium Account. For that, bookmark the site m.ebenefits.va.gov in your smartphone Internet browser.

You can also give a review of your experience of the system and portal related to the registration process.

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