Register My Sheetz Card & Get Rewards

The Sheetz loyalty card, My Sheetz Card is utilized to refund consumers for their love to Sheetz. My Sheetz Card does not contain any cash value but you can save on all Sheetz products with this card. You can get this card for free by just creating an account online at After getting this card, you can get all of exclusive benefits from email like an email consumer. Register My Sheetz Card & Get Rewards
Sheetz, Inc. is a chain of gas station and expediency store. Bob Sheetz started Sheetz, Inc. in 1952. Its headquarters is situated in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Fast food, quality gasoline, and cigarettes or tobacco that is permitted by law and friendly services to consumers in expedient locations, are provided by Sheetz, Inc. Over 360 combination convenience stores and gas stations are operated by this company. Its stores are situated in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Groceries, baked goods, fountain drinks, and made-to-order sandwiches and salads, self-service car washes, as well as discount gas and cigarettes are sold at Sheetz stores.

Visit My Sheetz Card registration page at, click on the “Create a New Account” button to begin the procedure. Complete the registration procedure by entering the card number, activation code, account details, and validate email. After completing process, you can swipe your Sheetz Card at the pump to get 3¢ discount on every gallon each time. As you enter the email address, you will receive a confirmation email; you need to click on the provided link, after 24 hours of it, you will be registered for the discount.

You may need to replace your card if your card is already registered with your email address. If you have finished all of the steps and are still not receiving messages, ensure you have not opted out of receiving emails from Sheetz. You should also examine your spam filter to make sure that you are agreeing to get emails. Finally, ensure that your updated email information is on your My Sheetz Card profile.

You can also get all types of savings, special in-store offers, 3¢ off every gallon at the pump, and exclusive perks daily with a My Sheetz card. You will get sport savings such as special combo offers, your favorite beverages and M.T.O foods with My Sheetz card. With the My Sheetz Card loyalty program, you can save cash on gas. When you purchase 10 of Sheetz well-liked items with its loyalty program, they will provide you one free, such as freshly brewed coffee and Fizz City fountain drinks, Sheetz Bros. Coffee specialty beverages, Shweetz™ donuts and all 6- and 12-inch M⋅T⋅O subs.

On-the-spot saving, you always save something new at Sheetz with My Sheetz Card loyalty program. You need to search the key fob symbol on specially priced items, and sweep your My Sheetz Card or key fob at the counter, and get special combo offers and your favorite beverages and M⋅T⋅O foods. When you purchase a bunch of something, you will get one free product from every product. This loyalty program will also provide you Sheetz freebie. After registration, you will get emails that inform you when your card is uploaded with free stuff so that you can get at any Sheetz location.

Remember that your credits will expire 360 days after the purchase date. You need to purchase 10 items within a year to receive your freebie. The card is necessary at the time of purchase to get discounts or purchase 10 get 1 credits, so do not forget your card while purchasing items. My Sheetz Card members can always get the great insider deals and discounts so remember the card for purchasing at Sheetz stores.

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