Government Site to Job Seekers in USA

Unemployment rates are increasing day by day which means more and more people are searching job. Now-a-days, job seekers can search job easily as many tools are available to find jobs. More than 45,000 online job search sites are there which help you to get right job with a few clicks. is also an online job search website for U.S. residents and Federal Employees to find government job listings, employment information, and job applications. Job seekers can search the job that matches their academic background and professional experience within US. Government Site to Job Seekers in USA allows you to search jobs in 2 ways (Basic Search or an Advanced Search) in order to provide you maximum flexibility to search jobs that you might be interested. Both ways work differently and the results can be incorrect if you don’t know these differences. “Basic Search” provides 2 options: “what”/“where”. In “what” option you have to enter job title or any word given in the text of a job announcement while in "where" option you can enter location. After that, the system will scan all existing jobs for the entered word. The site will at first treat you as a US resident if you are not logged in.

You can also search job by only entering title in the basic search. Once you have searched, the list of open jobs will appear which you can filter by agency, salary, grade, job categories, work type and posting date. If you have entered location in the basic search option, then you can select the radius to expand/contract your search area from 20 to 200 miles. In both types of search results, you can sort searched results by open/close date, min/max salary, job title or agency. You can also change the status from US Citizen to Federal Employee to expand your search result.

If you like any job, click on “Quick View” option to get complete information and instructions for completing an application. You can also save job details after logging in to the account. “Advanced Search” option lets you to search job by keyword, title, location, occupational series or agency. You can expand your searches by selecting pay grade (GS) range, series number, type of work, work schedule, salary range, etc. There is an information button (marked with “?”) to guide you. If you would like to include jobs open to current/former Federal employees, then you must change the "Applicant Eligibility" to yes; otherwise those jobs will not be included in your search results.

There is a “My Account” option where you can create or view “Saved Search” which helps you to search jobs in your field. It will search the job automatically as per your search criteria and after that sends you email as new jobs entered into the database. “My Account” option also lets you to create and view saved jobs, resume, saved documents, etc. You have to create an account with USAjobs to use “My Account” feature. USAjobs also provides jobs for people with disabilities.

Users are required to create an account for applying jobs online. Users are able to see application status. As new job is added in the system, users will get automated alerts. USAjobs updates the job postings every hour.

  • No lengthy process.
  • No need to have an account or be signed into USAJOBS to search the job.
  • Let you to create 'Saved Search' which automatically search jobs as per specific criteria of the user.
  • Users get automated alerts while new postings are added to the system.

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