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Getting education with YouTube video is now become possible with the new launch of! Just one day before (on 12 December 2011), world’s largest video sharing site “YouTube” has introduced a new school-friendly version of its site ( that allows students and teachers to access education materials that can be used in the classroom. The brand new portal assists curate education materials and videos on subjects like math and history while sorting out potentially offensive or distracting content. Schools can access thousands of free educational YouTube videos while restricting access to other YouTube content as well as add videos that are only viewable from their school network. Students can learn from over 4 million educational videos and well-known organizations. - YouTube for Schools, educational videos only, Google Owned site has set together playlists as per subject matter and intended age level. It offers educationally relevant videos for schools and students. It was created due to the demand of schools and teacher around the country. The new service is accessible from that permits students to access video content from TEX, the Smithsonian and about 600 US universities with up-and-coming YouTube partners like Numberphile, Khan Academy and Steve Spangler science. It is perfect tool for network administrators and fussy librarians to keep students away from local videos. It has worked with teachers to place over 300 playlist divided by subject like Science, social studies, English language arts, and Math and by grade level. YouTube for schools are available with over 400000 educational videos.

At YouTube for schools, teachers can find thousands of educational videos from YouTube EDU. It offers various videos with short lessons from worldwide teachers, professional development tools for educators, full courses from well-known universities and inspirational content from some of the world’s progressive thinkers. The site also works as networking setting that permits schools only to grant access to education materials from YouTube EDU.

Administration and teachers can watch any education video by login in the site while students cannot login in and can only see YouTube EDU videos and other videos provided by their schools. If you are students and connecting with your school’s Google account, then you can register in the site to bring the power of video to your classrooms free. With registration, they can explore thousands of free high-class educational videos on YouTube with restricted environment. Currently, the search is limited to YouTube EDU videos and all comments and related videos are disabled.

Teachers and administration can create custom playlists for students to match and suit individual differences in curriculum, upload a video, record a video from their webcam, remix creative commons videos and create an animation or slideshow by just login in the site. They can use YouTube videos to improve their classroom lessons, make theory come to life, spark a conversation, and tap into the mind of the visual learner and more. Users do not need to worry about making changes in their created playlist because it can be customized with some editing tools. The all content of the site is sorted out by subjects and age groups so we can easily get preferred video. The education videos are divided in three categories including primary & secondary education, university and lifelong & learning. Each category is available with thousands of videos that make your education learning more enjoyable.

Students are able to watch education videos without any registration. The YouTube team has also created more than 300 subject-specific playlists for different grade levels in order that teachers do not need to go digging for too long to find what they are looking for.

  • Provides thousand of education videos on YouTube EDU
  • Gives content from well-known organization
  • Teachers can create playlist and upload their own videos
  • Share playlists with their class to improve classroom lessons
  • Offers 400 playlists
  • Sorted playlist by grade level and subject
  • Students can access video without any login
  • Search is limited to YouTube EDU videos
  • Learn from other teachers

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