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As an employee of any company, you might want to know many human resource related information but sometimes it is difficult to get all detailed information from one single source or it may take time. Now, many company are providing overview and summery of some of the employment resources. Sears Holding is fourth biggest broad-line retailer in the America. If you are an employee of the Sears Holdings group and looking for HR information, the official HR website of the company ‘’ will give you all kind of employee related information. You can access personal information as well as manage your employee benefits at the site.

Check Sears Paycheck on is the online HR home page available for Sears employees where employee can find information related to financial and other personal benefits, health benefits, employee compensation, training arrangement, performance & retention, talent acquisition, and diversity. Sears employees can find benefits forms, benefits notice and newsletters, benefits handbooks, life insurance, health care reform information, and prescription drug programs from the website. Each Sear employee or Kmart employee can enroll to view their paycheck, personal information, and more information on the website. Employee can view job posting and also find out discount policies of the company. There is also policies, procedures, and forms are available at the

The financial benefits section includes links related to 401k savings plan, associate stock purchase plan, and pension. The payroll and tax deductions of the employees are available in the compensation section on the website. There is a link ‘my Personal Information’ on the main page 88Sears website. You can access your details by login to your personal information and account area. You have to enter login ID and PIN number to access your profile with your social security number.

The most important things that website provides are retirement and retirement benefits information as lot of employees worry about it. If you have any query or need help related to your pay plan and benefits, there is also the Employee Assistance Program. It is compulsory for the full time employee to get training in the company. Some of the training program which you can access at the 88Sears website includes Sears Retail Training, Sears Holding University, Kmart Retail Training, Support Center Training, Online Performance Training, Home Services Learning, and Compliance Training. Sears provides good training to employees that can help to enhance your skill in job.

With the help of training tracker, you can track your training. The HR department handles all the information and benefits of the employees that includes Benefits, Assoc. Relation, Compensation, HR Compliance, Corporate Communications, Diversity, Ethics, Talent Acquisition, and Training. From the website of Sears, you can get W-2 forms online and you can also view and enroll W-2 forms in the website. In addition, you can find out about Direct Deposit as well as change your direct deposits or W-4. The website provides facility to update address and phone number as well as it helps to know tax deduction and payroll.

With a large corporation like Sears Holdings, it is necessary to give information related to employee career and their benefits. As the online HR information center, the provides all type of employee related information which helps associates and employees. It is good website created by the company in order to help employees and the other thing is that Kmart employees also get information from this website.

  • Employee gets all HR information
  • Easy and Simple Login process
  • View your paycheck online conveniently
  • Available only for employees and associates

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