Samsung's New Free Mobile Messaging Service

Samsung’s new free global mobile messaging service called ChatON will be accessible gradually across all devices including smartphone, tablets and laptops after the showcase at consumer electronics-focused IFA Conference 2011 in September. It will not only support different mobile operating system like Samsung’s own bada mobile operating system, Android, feature phones but also competitors’ platforms such as iOS and BlackBerry. The idea behind it is to let users to communicate immediately with each other with the help of any mobile phone, plus sharing hand-written notes, pics, and video. Samsung's New Free Mobile Messaging Service
Samsung stated that ChatON will be the most worldwide friendly mobile messaging service obtainable in 62 languages and 120 countries over the next few weeks. Samsung certainly is not the 1st phone manufacturer to emerge with its own messaging service as already Apple has iMessage and RIM has BlackBerry Messenger; however we are pleased to view that ChatOn works across numerous platforms rather than being compatible with only Android or Bada.

ChatON will be presented in two functionality options: basic is for feature phones to support sharing of text, photos, calendar, contacts while other is for smartphone users, which will insert little more features such as Interaction Rank that displays how much a user is dynamic on the service, comment on user profiles and Animation message i.e. nothing but an alignment of scrawled text and audio. Besides supporting mobile chat, ChatON will provide a Web-based client for users to chat from their PCs. The service’s users could have private 1-to 1-conversations or take part in group chats.

  • Makes your communication richer than ever before
  • Group chat and Multimedia sharing
  • Go live next month in 120 countries, 62 languages
  • It will boast a broad range of social services
  • My page and interaction rank
  • AMS (Animation Message Service)
ChatOn, a True Global Mobile Communication Service video from youtube:

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