Join Lipitor For You Program to Saving in Drugs

The Lipitor for you program is intended to offer Lipitor users different ways to obtain their Lipitor at a lower charge. Patients can get Lipitor for less than the average price of a generic statin, when they sign up for the Lipitor for you program. Eligible patients can obtain Lipitor for as low as $4 co-pay per month with the Lipitor $4 Co-Pay Card. The Lipitor $4 Co-Pay Card is available for eligible Lipitor patients so if they want to take benefits of it, they need to register in the Lipitor for you program. Patients can persist to get Lipitor at their local participating pharmacy or have their Lipitor delivered straightforwardly to them at no extra price as part of this program. Join Lipitor For You Program to Saving in pharmacy

Lipitor is a kind of cholesterol-lowering drug named as Statin. An enzyme, which is present in the liver and used by the body to make cholesterol, is blocked by Statins. When cholesterol is made in less quantity, this enzyme is used in more quantity from blood by the liver and the level of cholesterol becomes lower. If Lipitor is used with diet and exercise, then it is proved that it decreases "bad" cholesterol by 39%-60%. Besides this, Lipitor can lower the risk for heart attack or stroke in patients with diabetes and risk factors such as diabetic eye or kidney problems, smoking, or high blood pressure.

High cholesterol is a dangerous factor for heart disease that is the main health problem in United States. It is clinically confirmed that along with diet, Lipitor decreases the danger of heart attack, stroke, certain types of heart surgeries, and chest pain in patients, who are suffering from heart disease or several common risk factors for heart disease such as family history of early heart disease, low good cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, and age.

Lipitor is available in market after over 19 years of research. Lipitor has been studied in more than 400 continuing or completed clinical studies that comprised above 80,000 patients. Lipitor is prescribed to over 17 million people. The Lipitor for you program was planned to Help patients in staying on track with Lipitor, developed by Pfizer. People, who are facing high cholesterol, may be at risk for heart attack so they need to talk to their doctor about their risk and about Lipitor.

Work of Lipitor may be started within 2 weeks. So patients’ blood test may show lower cholesterol numbers at their next visit to doctors. If patients do exercise and eat healthier with this medicine, then they can manage cholesterol. If they want to get more success in managing cholesterol, then they can make heart-healthy habits a natural and relaxed part of their daily routine.

Before using Lipitor medicine, you need to remember that this medicine is not for everybody. Diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, upset stomach, and changes in some blood tests are the common side effects. Lipitor is added when diet and exercise alone are not enough to help in lowering cholesterol. Doctors and patients consider Lipitor because it is one of numerous cholesterol-lowering treatment options.

It is not for people with liver problems; and women, who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. So, patients need to consult a doctor, if they feel any new muscle pain or weakness after taking this medicine. This could be a symbol of serious drug interactions so tell doctor about all in taking medications. Doctor checks the function of liver before and during treatment by doing blood tests and may adjust the doses of medicine to help in avoiding serious drug interactions.

How to register for Lipitor for you program?

To register for Lipitor for you program, visit, go at the 'Get started' section, choose one option and answer the required questions and see whether you are eligible or not. After completing registration, print your card and use it every time you fill your prescription for Lipitor to immediately save at your local participating pharmacy. You will receive a copy of your card in the mail within 10 to 14 days. If you desire to register by phone, please call at 1-866-3-LIPITOR (1-866-354-7486).

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