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DCS ReliaCard is a prepaid & reloadable debit card for unemployment insurance payments which will be issued by U.S. Bank. This card offers an alternative for getting your government agency payments. ReliaCard works same as any other debit card and it may be used at any place where debit cards are accepted to make purchases.

Cardholders can use this card for purchases via mail order, online & phone, to withdraw cash at banks, ATMs or credit unions, to pay bills. Use of ReliaCard is very easy and one can use it at restaurants, gas stations, video stores, medical & dental offices, retail stores, grocery stores, hotels & motels, and airlines. The amounts of cash withdrawals or purchases are automatically subtracted from the existing balance on the card. The service for using a ReliaCard is easy, fast & time saving, convenient, safe & secured, and reliable. There are no more check-cashing fees, no minimum balance requirement, on time payments, 24 hours customer service, and free account information.
www.dcscard.com: Login to Access DCS ReliaCard Online
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Cardholders can also access online service to get their account information at anytime. Www.dcscard.com is an official site for USBank DCS ReliaCard. Cardholders can use their User ID to get their card information online. www.dcscard.com is a secure website where one can do balance inquiries, view statements from the past 12 months, view transactions of card from the current month and change his/her Personal Identification Number (PIN). Mobile banking is also there by which one can view statements, check account balance, and even pay bills online via mobile.