Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage: Which is best on my Opinion

I have a theory about marriages. Love marriages are works of passion where two minds resolve to intertwine and imagine a world of their own. These people have set requirements from a marriage. They are the exacting kind who would feel cheated if the promises of love, even the most insignificant ones, are found to be broken. Love marriages fail due to these great expectations. Moreover, those who are quick to love, are equally quick to hate as "love" and "hate" are two flip sides of the same coin. Love marriages work when the love is true. Love  that is patient, that is understanding, love that doesn't get angry on human errors; and sometimes ever adores the fallacies associated with the erring person. Love likes to listen, love does not follow the rules of the society, it makes its own rules. Just because society thinks you should doubt your wife because she came late from work, you get angry and doubt her- that's not love. That's just passion flame which is about to fade.

When two people are actually in love and are worthy of the love they give each other, that's when the marriage completes itself. So, the love marriages that fail are not actually love marriages, they are impatient, hasty decisions to be regretted. For me, the story of a real love marriage goes like this.

1. They meet.

When I was a kid...

"When I was a little kid..." Wow, I already sound to myself as if I am a thousand years old while saying that. But yes, nostalgia kicks in and so does the realisation that the childhood I've had was way different from the childhoods of the young ones these days. Poetry thrives on our primal emotions and our connectedness to what surrounds us. In that sense, the childhoods of the yesteryears were more poetic than the childhoods of today. Don't worry, this is not a sulky blogpost lecturing about forming bonds with nature and playing outside, it is just a fond remembrance of the good ol' days.

There is challenge in every nook and cranny for mankind. It is as if mother nature wants you to earn your rewards. The bush that houses those luscious, juicy wild berries is rife with thorns; the guava tree with branches laden with fruits has slippery skin so that climbing it is tricky; the mango tree does its best to hide its fruits behind the leaves. As a kid, I was always fond of these little treats that nature hides for us. I'd gang up with my buddies, ask one of them to hold the thorny branches of the shrub with a bamboo stick and walk towards the center to collect the berries; learning to climb the guava tree involved the evolution of knowledge about where exactly to place one's feet to get a good grip. Over time, you tend to develop a method or trick to do things and perhaps that's what nature wants you to do. For spotting the ripe mangoes and nailing them down with your catapult, you need sharpness of vision and lots of practice. A child needs nature to hold its hand and walk it through these challenges.

Hindu Vedas: Comprehensive Matra and Guide

Vedas are ancient Indian scriptures that apparently contain the sum total of all ancient Indian wisdom. It was written over the years and by multiple people across the entire length and breadth of the great Indian subcontinent. Apparently, vedas is not a work of human imagination. It is what the sages heard from the divine. More on this later.

So, once I have hung my boots, I'd want to devote my time studying the vedas.