Experience of Hiring an escort or prostitute

Recently I have read ASKREDDIT question and got surprised by answer. This man got gold for answer. The question is about sharing experience of hired an escort or prostitute.

It was beautiful, comforting, and a little sad.

I hired a prostitute while on a business trip (I was interviewing with a bunch of companies at a conference). I had just finished a very challenging masters program, and during those two years I was too busy to realize that I was really fucking lonely.

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Trying to pick up a girl at the bar has never been something that's worked for me, and I wasn't in the mood to try that anyway, so I went on backpage.com and started looking at ads to see what was out there. I ended up finding a girl who's picture was cute and wasn't obviously fake and called the listed number. She picked up and she said her rate was something like $150 for a hour and $250 for two hours in as vague of terms as possible; I said two hours would be good and we agreed to meet at the bar in my hotel.

Carla Ossa
Women looks like whom i met in hotel
When she showed up at the bar she obviously wasn't the girl from the picture. She was the same age and ethnicity as the girl in the picture, and a little prettier (which is why I didn't care) but it was obviously a different person. She said she did that because she was afraid of being arrested for solicitation... I'm not sure how the different picture protects her from that but whatever. This isn't her, but this girl looks kinda like a classier version of how my new friend looked.

I was nervous as shit so we stayed at the bar and had a few (8ish) drinks. She was really nice, a good listener, and seemed just as nervous as I was. Over time we got more comfortable with each other and started getting along really well. She told me she "hadn't done anything like this before" and I decided to believe her. Her story was she flew out to the east coast from California for a modeling gig that didn't end up happening and didn't have the money to pay for a plane ticket back so she was desperate. I chose to believe this too... I was lonely, I was drunk. Eventually (probably drink 5 or 6) it started feeling like a "real date" which was awesome, and exactly what I needed. After a little more talking we went up to my room, started making out and then had some damn good sex. It wasn't "porn star sex" but it was pretty amazing, we did it again about a half hour later. That time was also amazing.

We laid in bed at talked for a while, we went over the agreed upon "two hour" time limit but she said she didn't care. She kept asking me why I didn't have a girlfriend, which was really sweet but I didn't think much of it. We talked about our lives back home, she told me she had kids and showed me pictures of them. She talked about how boyfriends always treated her like shit, I told her I didn't understand that because I thought she was amazing.

About 4 hours into the "date" I asked her if she just wanted to stay the night... she said she was going to have to say no to other "dates" which meant she wasn't going to make any money, but in the end she decided to stay.

The next morning we had sex again, then went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. After breakfast she hadn't asked for any money yet so I asked her how much she needed. She said she'd need $500 dollars to get a plane ticket home but we only agreed on $250 so anything around there was OK. I gave her $600 because I liked her... I really cared about her and wanted her to be alright even if she was lying about having to fly home or whatever. After going back up to the room and getting all her stuff together I called a cab to take her back to her hotel.

I waited with her at the entrance of my hotel while we waited for the cab, she was wearing one of my t shirts over her dress from the night before and she looked really adorable. She was being really quiet and wouldn't look at me, I had no idea why she was being quiet so I just kept talking like an idiot. When the cab pulled up I put her bags in the back, paid him in advance for the ride and then went to say goodbye to her. She gave me a huge hug that lasted longer than I expected and when she looked up at me I realized she had been crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was fine or something... I don't really remember.

Then she left. I went back up to my room, and took a shower without an ounce of shame. She texted me a half hour later saying something like: she was sorry she started crying, she was just sad because she knew she was never going to see me again. She said she wished we met in a different way and said thanks for being so sweet to her. I said something like "I had a great time too, you're an amazing girl"... the last part of that might have been stupid to say, but to this day I don't think I was wrong.

We texted a few times back and forth over the next few weeks, then just kinda stopped. I deleted her number eventually because I got a girlfriend and didn't want to get a random text from this girl and then have to explain it with the wall of text above.

I haven't heard from her or thought about her for about a year. Until today, now I kind of miss her.

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