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Nowadays, web pages are available in many languages as web has spread throughout the world. Earlier, just to translate a page we had to work for hours with a dictionary but now we can translate text and web pages in a few mouse clicks. Google, one of the leading names on the internet provides Language Tool which lets the users to search and translate pages & text written in unfamiliar languages. Google Language Tool is also recognized as Google Translate. There are also many translation tools other than Google but they are chargeable as well as not quite perfect. Google Language Tools is a free application where you can translate pages or text into your desired language without any limits.

Google Language Tool/ Google Translate is easy to understand and use as well as has clean & tidy interface. There is no need to register or sign in, you just need to open the website and enter the text or webpage you want to translate. Google adds new languages as well as improves the application on a regular basis. Google Language Tool is capable to translate between 57 translation pairs such as French to English, English to Spanish, English to Arabic, French to Chinese, English to Dutch, etc. There are 57 languages for translation of text or whole web sites or Internet searching.

At, there are many options presented to you. The first is “Translated Search Tool” which lets you to do a Google search in a different language for results. To use Translated Search, choose language from the drop-down menu and type phrase/word in your language in search box. Then choose search pages written in automatically selected languages or specific languages that you select. The translated word or phrase will be shown immediately in your language.

The second is “Translate Text Tool” which is situated below the Translated Search Tool. Translate Text Tool lets you to translate any text quickly. You just need to type/paste the text in the box and select languages from drop-down menus. Then click on the "Translate" button. The results will be shown in a separate box.
The third is “Translate a Web Page Tool” which lets you to translate the entire Web page in your desired language. You just need to enter the website address and select the languages from drop-down menus. After that, click on the "Translate" button.

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