How to overcome erectile dysfunction?

Have you ever chased a girl, she likes you back, you two go back home, and then find that you cannot get your dick hard, even though she's super-hot? That's erectile dysfunction right there, or, more accurately, performance anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction. It's your body's way of telling that it's still not comfortable with this new girl here, so psychologically your body refuses to get aroused. It usually strikes when the sex happens suddenly or unexpectedly.

I've dealt with this problem personally before, so here are some tips that have worked for me:

1) Relax

Breathe slower. Get your heart rate down. Don't think about fucking her or how long you're going to last or if you'll hit the spot. That will mess up your brain more, and blood won't flow to your penis. So calm your tits and chill the fuck out, first of all.

2) Jerk Off Youtself

Don't let her blow you. Make out with her instead, grab her boob or tickle her clitoris with one hand, and jerk your dick off with the other. Close your eyes while you do that, don't think of her, and imagine your favourite porn scene (mine's an innocent woman on vacation taken advantage by her masseur). As you do that, do your Kegel holds intermittently, which somehow helps to pump blood into the dick slowly. You should be able to get a semi-hard-on. If not, repeat step 1.

3) Deal with Her

Lick her pussy or anus while you stroke yourself, so that she has something to do while you get your act together. But do it smoothly or she'll realise something is wrong with you. If you have an understanding partner, just explain to her that she's very attractive, but you usually warm up to the girl only after you become comfortable with her and know her better... even if it's a one-night stand. That should reassure her that she isn't the problem, and it should defuse any awkwardness. It may or may not turn her off, but you can't do anything else anyway.

4) Cialis/Viagra/Levitra

I would actually recommend PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. I tried Cialis a couple of times, and that thing really pumps your dick up. I think I had a boner straight for like 10 hours the first time I used it. Pop a 20 mg if you're expecting that there's a good chance to have sex that night. To the litigious type, please consult your doctor first. You can get these pills at the pharmacy with a doctor's prescription (or without, if you want the name of the rogue pharmacy that I went to, PM me), but they're rather pricey. Still, you need to fix the problem or be a sexless loser.

5) Stop Watchin Porn

Cut it out. You've trained your dick to only get hard at a girl with violently-bouncing E boobs getting double-penetrated while screaming "Tatsukete, yamete kudasai! Chotto... Aahhh, ahhh, ahhhhh... kimochi kimochi~" Now untrain it.

Erectile dysfunction is a really demoralising problem for some guys, because there's no point in getting a girl into bed if your dick cannot do the deed. Imagine the wasted effort and broken spirit of hitting on a girl, getting her number, asking her out, escalating moves on her, bringing her back home, undressing her, arousing her, and your dick decides to go on strike. Fucked up, ain't it? So fix it today, learn how your body works, and RELAX!

P.S. Learn to differentiate sometimes between performance anxiety and having an ugly girl on your bed. Sometimes, because your mind honestly thinks that the girl is ugly, smelly, fat, or otherwise unattractive; your dick doesn't cooperate, obviously.

P.P.S. Don't laugh at guys with this problem, because ED is like a disability. Would you laugh at a guy in a wheelchair? Guess not, otherwise you're a true asshole. I'd go as far as saying that any guy who hasn't experienced performance anxiety-induced ED once or twice either: 1) is a virgin, or 2) is a loser who only ever fucked within a marriage or relationship.

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