Just started Learning Raga, An Indian Classical Music

6 month before, I didn't know about "Ragas" and neither I have acquired that level of understanding even today. I feel learning Ragas Tunes of India is a life long journey, experience of melodies, a creative and systematic learning may not work because Ragas mostly depend on the moods.
Miyan Tansen and his student
Guru Shishya Parampara (Ancient Indian Tradition of Master Student tradition)

Playing Raga affects the surroundings in 2 ways:

1. It will change the mood of the people present in the surroundings.
2. It will change the your mood too, but not similar to the others present in the surroundings.

One should follow these simple steps to learn a particular Raga.

Find a Guru (Master/Trainer):

Find a Guru/Master who has plenty of experience in classical music, melodies and rhythms. Ragas are not just permutation and combinations of different notes described in Indian Music Literature. They are transferred from one generation to another.

Practice according to your mood

Grab the instrument and start practicing according to your mood.


Swarmalika is the melodic outline of a the Raga. It shows us how a raga flows. One should be prepared with a Music Raga notebook and swarmalikas of different ragas written in it and also search youtube.com for the Raga videos for the tabla accompaniment.

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