Reasons why you should not hire an escort or prostitute to gain sexual experience

Hiring a escort or prostitute is nowaday common enjoyment people usually do. But there are lotd of drawbacks of hiring an escort or prostitute to gain sexual experience. Let's check all reaons below.

hire an escort or prostitute to gain sexual experience

1. If you get a lot of "experience" then if your partner isn't "experienced" it could lead to a lot of misunderstandings and problems.

1a. Like if you experiment with a hooker and get used to something, start seeing it as no big deal, and the next person you see thinks it is a big deal, then there is going to be a failure to communicate, and you may start pushing and pushing them to try to do what you did and just practice until they get used to it, even though they don't want to.

2. There is no guarantee the woman you hire actually knows anything more than to get you off as quickly as possible so she can get out of there.

2a. You may pick up bad habits from the hooker such as treating the other person as only worth whatever you can get from them and you put forth a facade to be what they want in order to get it.

3. You may train yourself to only respond to hookers. Meaning you are expecting the woman to kind of turn off and then go away. If you are used to a woman just showing up, banging you, and leaving, you might not be as equipped as you like if someone stays.

3a. You might see an escort/hooker as being safer because there are boundaries. You may then require those boundaries for all your relationships in order to understand what's going on, IOW you try and force the boundaries from the hooker transaction relationship into existence for the "normal" relationship in order to funnel their communication into behavior you understand.

4. If you learn practical "experience" it doesn't guarantee it will translate to the next person you sleep with.
Kind of like memorizing a speech and someone asks you ad hoc questions you didn't prepare for.
If she needs something you haven't had any experience in you may completely overlook or marginalize its importance.

5. You might start seeing hookers as an easier means of dating. Like you start seeing a regular. And she's nice, non argumentative, considerate, focused on pleasing you, then all of a sudden you want to be her savior and rescue her from that life or be her pseudo friend and end up being constantly used.

Or you just might get used to being able to pick up the phone, call a girl, pay her some money, she socially validates you for a couple of hours, then you can go back to your own life.

Next thing you know you are even more hooked on immediately gratifying your urges and simply get frustrated when you try to date normally and don't get these urges immediately gratified.

So guys would you hire a female escort if you were in my position?

If I found myself contemplating hiring a hooker, in your position, I would (personally) just stop dating and think long and hard on why I want to date in the first place and figure out if maybe I just wanted to become a whoremonger or serial dater, if I just wanted some short term relationships simply to make myself feel good, or if I really wanted something unique and long term.

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