5 Easy Steps To Hear Your Inner Sound in Meditation!

Meditation is not a difficult task, but it is a nature of human being. Man is made for meditation. It’s a simple tool to get to know who you are. There are lots of myths on web spread by some motivators or some well known business guru. Here I have mentioned simple ways to know inner sound while practicing meditation. In fact hearing inner sound is the first step to get into the meditation stage.

Hear Your Inner Sound in Meditation

Step1. Find a comfortable sitting position
Find a quiet space where you can relax. Sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair. Your spine should be straight in a relaxed manner.

Step2. Insert the ear plugs and close your eyes
You can get it from your nearby chemist shop (just Rs.15). If in case you don’t get it from anywhere then you can use earphones/cotton.

Step3. Take 10 deep breaths
Breathe in slowly, easily and deeply and then breathe out slowly, easily and deeply. Start reverse counting with each outgoing breath (and no counting with incoming breath). You may do reverse counting from 10 to 0, decreasing the count by one each outgoing breath.

Step4. Simply listen to your inner sounds
Bring your attention to your inner sound without judging them. There is absolutely no need to put pressure on you. Be calm. Just listen and enjoy!

Step5. Don’t go to your thoughts. Let them come to you
Whenever your mind wanders off, simply bring your attention back to hearing. You will find that once you start to hear inner sounds, gradually the mind will cease its activities.

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Rutan said...

its good.thank you for a helping us to find a way out to know ourselves.