21st Century Insurance: Login & Payment Guide

Insurance secures life and life related things like car, home, etc. It would be great to get all insurance from one company. 21st Century Insurance has been working as an auto insurance company since 1958. People, who have coverage for medical payments on their car policy, are entitled to recoupment of medical costs ensuing from auto accidents while in their own car or someone else's car, or if they get injured by a car while bicycling or even walking, irrespective of who is at fault.

21st Century Insurance: Login & Payment Guide
The 21st century insurance and financial service is fully owned by US’s third largest personal lines insurer “Farmers Insurance Group of Companies”. It is founded by Louis W. Foster as an inter-insurance exchange. It provides you superior coverage and service, even an opportunity to save money on auto insurance. Currently it is established with more than 25000 employees that serve 20 million customers all over the world.

Insurance products of the 21st Century Insurance include antique auto insurance, mobile - modular home insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, specialty homeowners insurance, personal umbrella insurance, motorcycle insurance, flood insurance, family boaters insurance, personal watercraft insurance, personal watercraft insurance, auto mechanical breakdown insurance and life insurance.

Login Guide:

Take the benefit of online service provided by 21st Century Insurance by registering at 21st.com. If you are already registered member of the site, then you can login at 21st.com by using your username and password to manage your auto policy.

First time users of the site have to do registration to get all benefits of the online service. To register at the site, go to 21st.com and complete all fields provided there, including username, password, 7 or 8-digit policy numbers (up to 4 policy numbers are required), ZIP Code, driver license number of any driver on policy, and date of birth.

Payment Guide:

You can pay your 21st century installment payments online as well as offline. 21st century insurance offers following forms of payment:

1, ACH payments: Checking or Savings
2, Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover
3, Debit Cards: With MasterCard or Visa logo and Money Orders

Online Payments

If you want to pay your installment payments online, then visit 21st.com where two options are provided; Enroll in AutoPay, and Make a Payment.
  • Enroll in AutoPay
It is an easy, safe and secure way and helps to save on fees. By this way, you can pay your installment payments automatically through credit card payment or electronic check.
  • Make a Payment
In this way, you can make a payment by using debit card, credit card or bank account through Speedpay. To use this service, you have to also pay a processing fee of $3.25. However, if you have already signed-up for AutoPay, then no processing fee will be taken.

Offline Payments

You can pay installment payments offline through Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) by calling on 1-877-310-5687.

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