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The Citi Simplicity Card’s purpose is to remove the strain and difficulty of utilizing a credit card. Users can get some peace of mind if they have been disturbed by ludicrously high penalty rates and late payment fees. The Citi Simplicity card removes some of the fees that frequently come with reckless credit card behavior with its aim of keeping credit cards unstressed. Apply for Simple & Easy Credit Card
City works untiringly to serve human beings, communities, institutes, and countries. It tries hard to create best outcome with easy, imaginative, and accountable monetary for its shoppers, and consumer’s solution with its 200 years of experience of meeting the world’s toughest challenges, and seizing its greatest chances.

Citi Simplicity Card understands life is surprising enough already so it offers 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and buys for 21 months. Next, the changeable APR will be 12.99% - 21.99% based on users’ creditworthiness. It also offers peace of mind through direct access to a service representative; if users miss a payment due date or go over their credit limit, then no late fees and no penalty rate; no annual fee; provide live help without wait when users call, 24/7.

Features of

Account online:
Users can see their balance and recent transactions from anywhere with Web access.

Online bill pay:
Users can register at to pay their bill online on the same day they pay if their payment will be received before 5 pm ET on a weekday.

Paperless statement:
Users can decrease confusion at home and help in keeping their information safe by receiving statements online.

Benefits of

Citi Simplicity Card works harder from entertainment services to travel protection for its users.

Security and purchase protections:

Users can get $0 liability for buys, made either online or offline without their approval. If users find themselves a sufferer of identity theft, then Citi Identity Theft solutions can help them. Billing argument resolution of Citi will also help users if they can not determine a problem with a retailer; Citi can step in and help on their behalf for purchases they have made on the card. Citi can provide users a virtual number that will be utilized for that one buy to help in keeping their account secure, if they are shopping online and do not want to give their actual credit card number.

Managing your account:

An automatic alerts and spending controls on their account can be set up by users to be reminiscent of things such as their due date, when they are approaching their credit limit, and the type of spending they make. Although, late payment fees do not applied so users may find that their due date is not convenient.

Travel benefits:

Users can get up to $3,000 in coverage for themselves and their contingents, when their complete common carrier fee is charged to their card with Lost Luggage Coverage. Users can also be qualified for $1,500 in Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption coverage, if they are incapable to take or continue a trip. On using this card, they will receive mechanical travel accident insurance and they can refuse a rental carrier’s collision loss/damage waiver insurance. Users will also get help in replacing lost or stolen travel documents and emergency cash as well as in referring themselves to doctors and lawyers worldwide by Citi.

In brief, Citi Simplicity card is made for a great balance transfer, low fee, low interest rate, and even a student credit card. If users want to transfer a credit balance, then they obtain a nice long term. If they find that they miss the infrequent due date, they did not need to pay fine with the use of this card. The Citi Simplicity is making the fees pretty easy to deal with in a time, when many credit cards are adding on fees.

  • There are no late fees.
  • If you miss a payment or go over your credit limit, you don't need to pay penalty APR.
  • Long 0% introductory period on purchases and balance transfers (15 months).
  • Customer service is available for 24/7 so there is no wait time.

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