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GE is an international infrastructure, economics and media company that takes on the toughest challenges of the world. GE is devoted to freshness in health, energy, infrastructure, and transportation. GE has constantly shaped the globe with pioneering innovations from daily light bulbs to fuel cell technology, to cleaner, more efficient jet engines. GE provides the power of imagination with its products and services to make life better for its consumers and customers all around the world.
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GE consumer electronics products are built with reliability and usability as well as with the use of the best technology to make life easier in every room of the house. This company can deliver solid productivity returns and important ecological advantages with its coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, water and wind technologies. GE has been a foremost international supplier of waste water treatment, water treatment, and efficient procedure systems solutions. provides GE Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, or Customers all of their GE intranet/internet applications like Travel, Benefits, or InsideGE. So GE Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, or Customers can access GE benefits online at They need to sign in at for accessing benefits, if you are new at this website, then you need to sign up by visiting this website.

New users need to select one option from 'I am an Active Employee working in the US', 'I am an Active Employee working outside the US', 'I am an Active EXPAT Employee working in the US', 'I am an Ex-Employee and formerly worked in the US', or 'I am an Ex-Employee who formerly worked outside the US' at, and follow the instruction to register at this website.

GE Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, or Customers need to enter their SSO user ID and password, then click on sign in option. If you have forgot your SSO Password, you can reset it by clicking on "Forgot SSO Password" option and answering challenge questions as part of the reset process.

If you do not know your SSO User ID and Password, you can retrieve your SSO User ID and reset password by clicking on “Forgot SSO User ID & Password” option, entering your Social Security Number (SSN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

You may contact the GE Benefits Center at 1-800-252-5259, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern time if you have problem in signing in or getting your benefits.

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