Stop Leaks fast with Great offers too!

Are you facing the problem of leakage of roofs, gutters, pipes, skylights, windows, doors or more? Flex Seal is the product that can easily solve this problem by stopping leaks fast. You can get complete information about this product at Flex Seal website, Flex Seal lasts for years so you need not to be anxious about water leaks. You can make your leaked product beautiful by painting on it after applying Flex Seal but remember that Flex Seal will be dried before painting. Stop Leaks fast with Great offers too!
Flex Seal is easy to utilize, moveable, aerosol spray that covers, seals and defends just about everything. Any kind of leak can be repaired by the use of Flex Seal. It will seep into cracks and holes as well as it gets dried to a waterproof, supple rubberized coating. Fundamentally, it is a liquid rubber sealant and believed to last a lifetime. It will not sag or leak in the heat of summer as well as it will not split or peel in the cold of winter. Tremors, deadens noise and sound are stopped by this product.

Flex Seal defends surface from corrosion. People can easily carry it, apply it on wet or dry surfaces, and remove disordered clean-up or heavy buckets. This product is very useful for roof leaks, gutters, RV’s, campers, mobile home roofs, skylights, vent pipes, flashings, hoses, PVC pipes, windowsills, A/C drip pans, portable A/C units, rubberized and granulated roofs, duct work, overlapped seams, chimneys, boats, bird baths, ponds, fountains, downspouts, flat roofs, metal roofs, foundations, gravel stops, asphalt shingles, drip edges, etc.

Seal foundations and basements will be protected from water leakage and hydrostatic pressure and effective even when the surface is wet with the help of Flex Seal. Before applying it on the leak surface, you need to shake it well and spray it on a clean dehydrated surface utilizing a sweeping motion from 12 to 14 inches distance. If you want best result, apply it for several coats in the place of one thick coat and use it at can-temperatures above 60°F.

Flex Seal is available in two cans such as large can, and jumbo can. Up to a 2 to 8 square feet area will be treated by one large can and up to 2 to 12 square feet or 40% more will be treated by one jumbo can. Keep in mind that this product can not be used inside of a water tank that is used for drinking; to fix radiators, tires or other areas with extreme heat and pressure as it is not made to withstand excessive heat or pressure; and to seal a gasoline tank, oil tank or any other combustible material.

If you want to have a Flex Seal, then you can place an order at because it is not available in retail stores. To order this product, visit, click on order now option, and provide required information such as phone number, email address, name, address, city, stat, country, and credit card information such as card type, name on card, card number, expiration month, expiration year, and security code, as well as select quantity, then click on order option. If you order for one large can of Flex Seal™ (only $19.99), then you will receive 2nd large can for free but you need to pay separate $9.95 S&H.

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