I am the Irony of India.

I first thought Indians are irony, but then I thought we are Indians thus we are irony but eventually I realized I am the irony of India. Is it just a coincidence that Irony starts with I and so does India? Nevertheless, why am I saying so? Let me explain.

I say pizza gets delivered in 30 mins but ambulance never reaches on time? Did I just compare the time taken in semi rush hour between a two wheeler and an ambulance? Two wheeler can move in a little space but I don’t give space to ambulance so how will it move and be on time. I being the descendant of greats like Aryabhata, Chanakya, Vidhur and likes should have been more reasonable. Ok let it go.

I say SIMs are distributed for free while rice is Rs 40/kg. Wait did‘I The Great’ again compared SIM with rice. Didn't you err I know that free SIMs are trap because telecom industry earns by top ups and ‘jaanu neeni nai aali cal kalo na’ people. But do I have something comparable on this side, will a free plate ensure I’ll always buy rice from same shop? Damn me.

I say the country which worships women is the same which has high rapes. But what do I do ? Of course I treat girls in right way. I have liked all the posts regarding women empowerment and at times even share them! But what else do I do beside writing it ‘again’ on Quora. Oh I once even wrote a story on this, isn’t it enough?

I can go on why I criticize that 5% of people are extremely rich while rest live in dirt or why I criticize Chetan Bhagat and Chennai Express who are just using good marketing tricks just like I do in my job/service/life. Don’t I try hard to sell myself ? I can go on and on but I hope you get the point.

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