Mi In-ear Headphone Review

My initial impressions on the product was a bit quite surprising as it blew my mind completely. After a decent 50 hours of burn in time it became better, the soft bass became slight punchy.

Mi In-ear Headphone Review

I have tried on Sennheiser CX180, Brainwavez M2, JBL J22, JVC HA FX1X,Creative EP600, Philips SHE 3590. And i place these cans on par with Brainwavz and JVC (a bit lacking in some aspects but the price makes up for it).

In music player mode:

Center button:
single click - play / pause
double click - next song
triple click - previous song
up button - volume up
down button - volume down

Incoming call
Center button:
single click - attend / end
click twice - mute / unmute
click and hold - decline
up button - volume up
down button - volume down

When it is not in music or call mode, you can click and hold the center button to open google now voice control. Excellent!


The silicone caps provided are very comfortable, comes with 3 sizes, and an extra pair of mid sized caps. These cans are quite comfortable, but might feel a bit heavy in ear after long continuous use (>2-3 hrs). They fit in most ears quite comfortably, but people with small ears mith find it a bit difficult (smaller ear caps might solve that). Overall it very good for long hours of listening.

Audio Quality (4/5)*

For the price these are some of the best IEM that you can get, period. The bass is punchy enough(not at all extreme), trebles are very good (although at very high volumes bass distorts the treble but its negligible). For the rest its neutral response. Most of the others in the price range either have too much bass or too much treble and low bass. This had a perfect blend. (Klipsch S4 do a better job and maintains the same v profile but those IEMs cost 4 times as much).

The sound signature is pleasant and fun sounding. The Bass and treble are well extended. Bass notes sound is clear and articulate. The earphones have been tuned really well. There is a lot of detail in the music and you'll definitely hear nuances in the music which you would have not heard in other earphones at this price point. I found that Most Genres sound good in these earphones.

Portability (4/5)

Dedicated earphone winder and a carry case (the original box) itself is a nice plus and makes it easier to carry these without damaging the earphones.

Build Quality (4/5)

The metal build surely is a plus. And as Xiaomi states, the cord's ends have kevlar to protect it from abuse. These are definitely one of the best built IEMs. The build quality is top notch with a gold and brown color scheme. The packaging is very nice and it is good to see companies taking a step in this direction.

Isolation and Spillage (4.5/5)

They were pretty decent in isolating external noises. I have tried these on in many outdoor situations, local trains, airplane, bus stuck in traffic! And they worked well, but do chose a ear tip which fits you better for proper isolation. As for spillage of sound its none even at high volumes.

Value for Money (5/5)

There's no other IEM at this price range that offer this balance of features (there are few which might be better, but most needs to be imported and end up being expensive than these).

Mic is also an added bonus, and those three buttons do come handy(do check if three buttons are compatible with you're phone before complaining :P)

These might not be suitable for extreme bass-heads. Not so good for EDM. But for everything else out there, its the best bang for the buck you can get.


Pressing the correct button is difficult since the center button and the other two buttons are on the opposite sides. While we try to press the center button, we accidentally press some other buttons. I hope this will come by practice.

Final Verdict: It's a steal, get one if you're thinking of getting a pair of earphones

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