Oprah.com Real Age Test Tool for better Living

There are some interesting questions for you. Are you living a healthy life? What is your Real Age? These questions are as powerful and as fascinating as they were over a decade ago. Are you satisfied with your life by your habits or not. There are two measurements to determine the age of an individual; chronological age and real age. Age determination depending on birthday is known as chronological age while real age determination depends on your lifestyle.
Oprah.com Real Age Test Tool for better Living
Your real age may be older or younger than your chronological age in terms of your expected life span, depending on your lifestyle, your daily habits and health risk factors. There are many suggestions for better living like healthy diet, more exercise, etc., but here one best option of Real Age Test is given for you. The Real Age Test is an assessment which determine your biological age on the basis of your answers for a series of questions. The Real Age Test gives you an idea about the risk factors which may shorten your life span potentially. It also gives guidelines about where you stand right now and an idea of exactly how you may be hurting or helping your health, both now and in future.

So take the Real Age Test and change your health habits as required, to feel and look younger. This test tool is available at the 'Oprah.com'.  You will get an estimate of your Real Age by just answering the questions presented by the website.

These questions include:

What’s your age?
How would you rate your physical health compared with others about your age?
What’s your blood pressure?
What’s your total cholesterol level?
Have you ever had a heart attack or stroke?
Do you have diabetes?
How much alcohol do you drink per day?
Do you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis? And more.

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