Things to do when you are at age of 25

1. Leave your home and start living on your own. Sooner than later, you will have to do it so start early.

2. Embrace failure. Fail badly at something. You must fail early on. Give yourself that permission to fail and suck at something.

3. Do weird things with random people. Do things which your peers aren't doing and keep doing it.

4. Travel. Please do this. Travel alone in a jungle and stay there for 7 days completely alone.

5. Get rid of that credit card from your wallet. Simply crush it and throw it away. Debt isn't worth it.

6. Find beauty in less. Things gather dust. The more you have, the more you will bog down. Clutter weighs you down, purchase less and cleanup often.

7. Avoid drugs. Getting loaded and acting like a jerk ain't worth it and don't do it to win women. Trust me, being a gentleman helps.

8. Invest in education. Education is a huge trump card which will carry you miles.

9. Try earning money through freelancing/own means. Not much, but try earning some money doing things on your own without the need of an employer. This will teach you lessons which will help you through a rainy day.

10. Love is a valuable gift. Try to preserve it, nurture it, value it. If you have found him/her, try to keep. Be a keeper but don't lose yourself in the process.

11. Opportunity will not come everyday. It will come very silently and give a humble knock at your door. You got to hear it and jump.

12. For women, don't get married at 25 just because you are told you are ageing and nobody will marry you after 30 – 32. That's a lie they have sold and they are selling it forever so you submit.

13. Your head is a sleeping beast. Keep it awake. Read. Write. Paint. Program. Play music. Have some sort of daily exercise to move the muscle between your ears (for me, its writing you got to figure out yours).

14. Stop chasing perfection. The pursuit of perfection is never ending and you end up having a blunt and dull life. "Good enough" is better than "perfect". Get used to imperfection since pursuing perfection will lead you nowhere.

15. Passion is overrated. If you have a passion, that's good. If you don't have a passion, that's good too. Don't kill yourself because everyone is running after their "passions". Passion is a lot like love. It will come on its own, no need to find it.

16. Listen to what other people say. But 25 is that age of discovery when you got to make the choices you want to make. So listen to advices (like this list). But act according to your instincts.

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