Verizon Webmail: Basic Guide for New Users

Verizon web mail is utilized for various handy applications, together with safe, secure online storage of document attachments and email functions. Users are allowed to send, receive, and manage their email online from anywhere by Verizon Webmail's full-featured applications. Verizon consumers will be eligible for a Verizon webmail account. Verizon webmail users can easily access their accounts from any web browser. Easy email organization, preview, spam and virus filters, and access via mobile or smart-phones are features of Verizon webmail.

Verizon Webmail: Few Basic for Guide for New Users
A telecommunications corporation, Verizon is specialized in telephone, broadband, and cable television. Verizon was formed in 2000. Verizon webmail is quite different from the conservative webmail applications that come up with the amenities such as sort messages very rapidly, and rearranging them with the simplicity of drag and drop option, all within one user-friendly interface.

Users will be mechanically offered with a primary Verizon email address, and the ability to add a fixed number of additional email accounts after subscribing the Verizon cellular telephone service. The number of sub accounts may be different, depending on the state in which user exists. To access Verizon webmail account, enter the email address, and password at

Users will be provided with features such as an inbox, sent messages folder, trash can or deleted messages folder, drafts folder, and the facility to carbon-copy, forward and automatically reply to the messages. So they need to study the basic characteristics of Verizon web mail. The messages can be created by clicking on the “New Message” or “Compose Message” button. Users can send the similar message by untying every email address with a comma to multiple recipients.

Then enter the name and email addresses of persons, with whom user often converse, to create contact list. A contacts list may be directly imported into Verizon web mail by users devoid of having to manually re-enter user’s contacts one by one. Click on “Inbox” hyperlink to read the incoming messages. Users will be mechanically redirected to a page listing of all incoming messages by it. To access the body of every email, click on name of the sending party or message’s subject line.

Users can set up spam filters, define timelines for stored messages and edit their account settings from their defaults by accessing in the advanced settings menu. When users use a Verizon email account, they need to make adjustments to their account settings as per their necessities. Users will slowly find out more about their preferences with the passing of time.

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