Vodafone360.com: Backup your Mobile Data Online

Back up your all contacts, sms, and calendar events automatically to your confidential online address book at Vodafone360.com.

In today's modern era, most of the people rely on mobile phones for rapid communications as well as storing their contacts and appointments. This dependence on a single device can be perilous and devastating when your mobile phone gets stolen or lost and you will never be able to get back all those numbers that you had stored in it. But now with the help of internet, you can get back all your mobile data online. Vodafone360.com is a one stop mobile data backup solution that enables you to backup and share all your mobile data including your phone’s contacts, text messages, pictures and calendar events online easily without the necessity for Bluetooth or any other software.

Vodafone360.com: Backup your Mobile Data Online
Vodafone360.com is a free online service that allows users to get backups of their contacts and calendar events and share them with others in a clear and quick manner. Previously, the site was owned by the Zyb and then ZYB sold it to Vodafone in 2010. The service was re-launched under the name of vodafone360.com.

How it works?

Vodafone360.com is an easy way to store your phone’s contacts, text messages, pictures, and appointments. To store all your mobile data at the site, you need to first sign up; it will take just a couple of minutes. Once you sign up, you must set up your own 360 account by accessing the site through your smartphone. Then, you can store all your contacts and details at the site for getting back up of them in any situations like purchasing new mobile phone or in case your mobile get stolen or lost.

To get back up of all mobile contacts, sms and other details, you have to first export the contacts into a chosen file on your computer and then you will be allowed to import them to your smartphones. It depends on what kind of phone you have and where you desire to import your contacts. Some phone PC softwares are only compatible with vCard files, others with CSV files. For example, iPhones and Android phones are compatible with vCard files while BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phones, and Nokia phones are compatible with CSV files.

If you want to export contacts in a vCard file, then first log into your 360 account on the web; go to "My account" and scroll down to "Export"; and select "vCard". After then, click on "Export my contacts" and you will see a pop-up; choose save and select where you desire to save your contacts on the PC. Now, you will be able to see all your contacts on your PC.

It is better to choose a CSV file if you desire to store your contacts in Microsoft Outlook as you will be able to see all the entries. To save your contacts in the CSV file, you have to follow the same above steps but just select "csv format” instead of "vCard". Once you stored all your data in your PC, you can import it to any mobile anytime.

  • Backup your mobile contacts, calendar items and appointments
  • Import public calendars to your mobile
  • Easily manage your contact list
  • Synchronize your mobile data with other devices such as iPod, Outlook, etc
  • Share your contacts and calendar items with friends and family members

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