Youtube Video Editing Tool Available Soon

YouTube is a most well-known video sharing site. Many people upload Youtube videos on site to share with friends. There was no option for making change in the uploaded clips, until now. However, now it is possible with an editing tool launched by YouTube - YouTube added this video editor for YouTube users to make the changes easily in their uploaded videos. It is not a first experiment of YouTube with in-browser editing. In 2007, YouTube’s Remixer tool with limited capability was released that based on Flash and some other Adobe technologies.
Youtube Video Editing Tool Available Soon

This new video editing tool will definitely not replace software of desktop like Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie. YouTube video editing tool covers the essentials like trimming, combining uploaded clips, adding and editing audio to your uploaded videos. The new video editor is certainly a big step up, and mostly it is powered by JavaScript. It is simple and relatively easy to use.

According to software engineer of YouTube John Gregg, an "Edit Video" button on the My Videos page allows changes such as swapping soundtracks, adding effects, or trimming clips. It enables you to boost colors as well as the contrast, to stabilize your shaky footage, and to rotate your clip. Number of effects such as Black and White, Cartoon and Thermal are also available. This editing is carried out online so there is no requirement of video re-uploading which means your comments and view count will not be erased. If your experiment with changing your uploaded video will go horribly wrong, then just don’t worry because there is also an option, “revert to the original”.

To edit your video, drag the thumbnail of your uploaded video on the filmstrip at the bottom. After dragging your clip in the editor, you will find the thumbnails on your clip. Click on one of the thumbnails and start editing and trimming your footage. The quick menu of editor comprise basic changes such as increasing the fill light to brighten up a dark shot, adjusting color temperature, saturation and contrast, and rotating a video. Tools for stabilizing a shaky video and for trimming the start and end of a clip are also included. A key "I'm feeling lucky" is given which does a quick analysis of the clip and tweaks its brightness, contrast and color settings automatically. There is also an option to add music in your videos but the selection is limited.

After editing and arranging your video in the way you want, you can observe a low-resolution preview. After that you can save the changes. But there is a limitation also; video having more than 1,000 views requires saving of the edited version as a new video.

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