Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter

Smartness and discipline work simultaneously. There are many ways to conduct for yourself a daily practice to be more smarter each day. Our mind works best when we are cheerful, happy, in a good mood but as we all know we get irritation, anger, frustration which reduces our efficiency and ultimately reduces our smartness. So we have to somehow train our brain to come out these negative feelings. But as we all know training the brain is indeed difficult process. Our brain is reluctant to take any new habit easily. One has to make lot of efforts to make that habit. To tackle this we need to make habit to turn our brain periodically to alert so that it remains in constantly energetic mode and eventually we give our best.

1. If you lack discipline or laziness overpowers your mind every time . Try to do something out of your comfort zone every day. For example if you are much into workout, do it for extra half an hour or include meditation for that matter , go out to buy daily chore things for you and your family , join a course of your choice .

2. Try to solve difficult questions of like physics, maths, logical reasoning etc. every day. That is Every day.

3. Cut short out your contacts. Because the more people you chill with, the more crap you get.

4. Never ever try to ignore a problem. It may be very small or pity for you, but solve it. It will make you responsible for yourself.

5. Play new generation computer games like Limbo . Include your friends too.

6. Read everyday. Then explain it to somebody but not briefly. Student Jon Packles elaborates on this idea: "For everything you learn--big or small--stick with it for at least as long as it takes you to be able to explain it to a friend. It's fairly easy to learn new information. Being able to retain that information and teach others is far more valuable."

PS: My personal trick-- Don't make a time table. May be you would complete them all. But then you decrease your probability of learning something new and accepting it in the meantime, because you are stuck with a schedule. Set yourself free. But with discipline.
Hope it helps :)

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