How can you help India to make better?

When you really want to help motherland India to make it more progressive and peaceful, lots of ideas come to your mind. Here are few ideas I have tried to place according to my thoughts.

After your studies when you are trying for a job never think about jobs from foreign countries. Work for companies from our country. If possible when you get the skill set up your own firm and work hard.

Always think that Education is not about being a good engineers but about being a good tutor for the coming generation. Help upcomers with your energy, knowledge and with full hands. Let them admire you and follow you to good path.

Become a good engineer. As an engineer do things that are not possible by others to make lives better for the people. Innovate or make something useful for our people in our country.

Specialize in some field and get into research. India needs many more interested people to contribute to the R&D.

Take out time on weekends and teach young underprivileged children. Make them aware about the free education schemes. Encourage them to go to school regularly.

Think beyond religion because our country does not need religionists but peacemakers and good teachers.

Above all love mother nature protect the seeds our culture and be proud to be an indian....tell others YES I am proud being an INDIAN.

Pay your taxes

If you have the resources, fund something that will make life easier in the rural India (this is where your engineering pedigree comes into the picture)

Even if you do go abroad for education (MS etc), do something that will help your motherland economically.

There are some simple and small step in your daily life which we can change by good habit and cautions.

  1. Always support what's is true and support only truth.
  2. Maintain absolute cleanliness in your surroundings. Discourage people spitting on the road.
  3. Start following small rules like crossing roads on zebra crossing and help motorists a bit for e.g. quit jumping traffic signals after checking for the traffic police.
  4. Resist the urge to use products of non-Indian origin unless absolutely necessary

Be yourself, be strong, have great values and don't go with the herd. The smallest of thing, starting from obeying traffic laws (even in the absence of a traffic cop or when others are breaking it) or not throwing the sweet wrapper you just ate on the street (why not use the dustbin). No need to change the world. If we can just change our selves, the country will change.

Please, share in comments if you have any new ideas.....

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