How to choose your Egg Donor without making Mistake?

Choosing perfect egg donor is vital thing because a little mistake can ruin your future as money too. Learn how to be prerated and seal the deal to pick the best Egg Donor with our money to have best quality baby.

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If you are asking how do you choose an egg donor, you will appreciate these questions to ask and mistakes to potentially avoid. When you realize that the only way you can have a baby is with another woman's eggs, you go through a grieving process. The first rule of thumb is don't rush in to picking donor eggs while grieving. As a woman who has received the news that she can't have children, you are in a fragile state. In my opinion, I was not the emotionally stable or happy person I was when I learned that. In fact, I thought my judgment was clouded. I felt there was nothing to live for when my dream had been dashed. As a result, if you are feeling the same way as I did, don't rush into any decision making. That means don't ponder how to choose an egg donor or even what shoes should I wear out. When you are emotionally distraught, I feel people make bad decisions or ones that are not well informed. Thus, give yourself some time to grieve over not being able to have children on your own. Then, after that process, move on to your next stage of your life.

Another important mistake to avoid when contemplating how to pick an egg donor is how many times has this person donated. How many children has it created. How many of the kids are local. I am not saying that all these answers can be disclosed to you, but I definitely want to know them. Here is why. If this egg donor’s donations have resulted in lots of children in your area, your kids could end up dating their half sisters or half brothers in the same grades. That would be a nightmare for any parent. Thus, in my opinion, I would get someone who is a donor who hasn't donated frequently and who is a long ways away from your area. If you are looking for an egg donor or egg donor agency, perform your due diligence and examine many options. I would personally recommend not to go immediately with just the first one you find. Do your research and look at all options before deciding. One that I examined and liked very much is one you may wish to explore too.

Also, another mistake to avoid when considering how do you choose an egg donor agency is to view the process as something fun and not stressful. If you are so stressed out from the process, the implant of the donor eggs might not take and all the time and money in my belief will have been for nothing. I personally feel that when a woman’s body is stressed out beyond control, it will potentially inhibit her ability to get pregnant with or without her own eggs. I am not trivializing the task at hand, but acknowledge that you are going to bring a life into the world and you will love it no matter what. I find that puts things into perspective.

A final thing to consider when wondering how to select an egg donor is to not just pick the egg donor on looks. You want to make sure that you are picking your egg donor on other factors too. For example, you want an egg donor who is not a drug abuser and, ideally, one who does not have any significant genetic disorders. These in my opinion are the real things to focus on. Also, don't just pick an egg donor based on agency prices. Many people want the child to look like the parents. Thus, you may want to pick an egg donor who is similar in ethnic make up and stature. After all, you might feel strange having a child that could be potentially 6′ 8″ and blond when you are 5′ 6″ and brunette. Thus, keep in mind that you are not striving to create an adonis, but a member of the family. Also, don't let others influence your decision. This is one of the final mistakes to avoid when asking how do I pick an egg donor. After all, if things don't go according to plan, you don’t want to be blaming another person for their choices. This is your baby and your decision. If you are having this baby with your partner, then I would recommend that only you two decide. Also, I would encourage you two to be in 100% agreement. I don't think this is the time to comprise. Select an egg donor that you both want. If you want to explore the process some more, examine many resources for egg donors. One resource I personally liked reading a lot was the site. I hope you get the baby you have been wanting.

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