Xat.com/Flirt: Start Flirting with Flirt Xat Chat Group

Chatting is getting popularity day by day. Nowadays, everyone seems to chat on phone, or in cybercafé. Many social networking websites such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Google+, etc., provide facility of chatting. People can make their groups for chatting at networking websites. These websites also allow users to do private chat. These facilities bring everyone closer to their loved ones, friends, and relatives. Xat.com is also a social networking website that allows its users to create a branded Xat chat group and start Xat chats with their friends.

Xat.com/Flirt: Start Flirting with Flirt Xat Chat Group
Xat.com introduced Xat chats in 4th quarter of 2007 and it furtively started rising in mid 2008. Xat Chat has grown and developed into very social and addictive. As people sign in at Xat.com, they can make groups, select their own avatars, change their Xat chat background & its page background, and also add in full fledged websites underneath their Xat chats. But Xat website contains some features that make it a little bit different from Facebook, Myspace, and any other traditional social network websites.

The Xat website contains some central features like "days and xats" (Currency of Xat.com), and Xat addons (Xat powers). These features are called its powers that are liked and desired by everyone. Xat users can buy "days and xats" to buy and trade Xat addons. Regular users of Xat are provided with a unique way to be noticeable from everyone else by these powerful features.

For starting chat, users need to register at Xat.com, and get a symbol to their name. People, who are chatting in the room, will be shown as a visitor list. Every name contains a person symbol next to it and their status is indicated by the color such as green for online, red for off-line, gold for owner, silver for moderator, blue for member, grey for ignored and brown for banned. If some users have the Powers, then they might have a purple/pink icon.

Type a message into the message entry box at the bottom of the chat box and send it. As you press the return key, the message will be sent to the other people in the chat room. As anyone sends a message, their symbol in the visitor/friend list will glow green to indicate he/she is talking. When you send a message, your symbol will glow green and other person sends messages their symbol will glow as well.

Users can create a group for many reasons such as to discuss a particular subject such as music, anime, surfing, and computer games; for a specific age group or type of person such as 20 something, and students; or for a specific country or language. As you create chat groups, you can add it to your chat box and this will be appeared as a second tab next to the main tab. The green speech bubble on the bottom left of the chat box, provides direct access to users to the chat groups.

Users can chat in private for that they will be provided a separate window. Start a private chat by clicking on a person on the visitors/friends lists/the name on a message someone has sent and clicking on Private Chat option. As you click on Private Chat option, you will be directed to a tab that contains just you and the person you want to begin a private chat with. Users can change their names, pictures, home page, and also reset their ID/user data.

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