What's a girl to do when there's nothing to do at work?

Things have been a little slow at work. Oh, who am I kidding. It's been a lot slow (for various reasons). So with lots of time on my hands, I've been poking around Instagram. I got myself an account but I don't know if I'll actually use it. I don't take a lot of pictures; writing is more my thing. But it has been amusing searching through the various hashtags for my fandoms. The Sherlock stuff is... interesting, let's put it that way. Now that the special is filming, there are all sorts of set photos of Benedict and Martin. People seriously just stand around all day hoping to catch a glimpse of the actor? I would probably think differently of this if they actually shot anything interesting around here, but it still baffles me a bit. Oddly, there have been no Doctor Who set photos but maybe they've been in the studio for the past few days?

Speaking of Sherlock, the boys are definitely dressed up in Victorian era clothes. While there might be a reasonable answer for this, Sherlock and John are attending a fancy dress party or something like that, I like to think that the special is a one-off re-imagining of Sherlock in the Victorian era. Like, maybe a member of Anderson's Sherlock fan club is writing some fanfic and they're the one who is imagining the boys as Victorian era detectives? Very meta, if that's the case. It's either that or Sherlock and John travel back in time. Oh, I know! This is actually a crossover with Doctor Who. That's the 2015 Christmas special. After Clara leaves, the Doctor meets Sherlock and John and he takes them on an adventure to meet Vastra, Jenny and Strax. It's so obvious! ;-)

I loved the first two episodes of Agent Carter so much that I decided to watch them again. I usually don't re-watch episodes of my shows, so this is definitely a sign of how much this show rocks. Now I've been left with the desire to cosplay Peggy. Her leather jacket is pretty bad ass and, of course, there are sites out there that sell replicas. Peggy's got 1940s era hair and make-up, though, so I don't know if that's something I want to pursue.

The comic book expo is four months away, so it does seem a bit early to be thinking about costumes and stuff, but those weeks can fly by surprisingly fast, so planning ahead never hurts. I'll let the expo announce some more guests before I start obsessing over anything, but damn, looking at costumes is a good way to waste time. I need more work to do, stat!

Movies I enjoyed on my Vacation

Into The Woods - One of the least vocally taxing of Sondheim’s works, this felt much less like it was Hollywood stunt-cast than the last few movie-musicals. Streep and Kendrick were the power hitters of the cast, but Pine earned his keep by going full-Shatner and delivering the greatest performance of “Agony” I have ever seen. Edits to the second act reduce the death toll and make the show overall less miserable, though it still isn’t a feel-good movie by any stretch.

Mamma Mia! - On the other hand, nobody’s voice really delivers in Mamma Mia! (which I had seen before, way back around the time it came out), but everyone is having so much fun you hardly care. Pierce Brosnan’s singing is so, so terrible. The plot is so absurd. But the DVD comes with a sing-along mode, because they know exactly why you watch it—because like Donna when her friends cajole her out of a funk, you cannot resist cheerfully singing and dancing to ABBA. (I think a lot of the problem is that Sondheim writes musicals with the intent that different actors will fill the roles at different times and you need to make things learn-able and performable. Benny and Bjorn were writing songs for exactly four people’s specific voices, to be performed in concerts and the recording box.)

No Reservations - Jethrien and I are much more vulnerable to specific tearjerker dramabombs than we were three years ago. The movie is generally a standard romantic comedy, but it goes easy on the gross-out/embarrassment humor (which is good) and very heavy on the food porn (which is also good). It also features the only artfully-arranged plating of fish sticks you’ll ever see in a movie.

And a bonus:
The Emperor’s New Groove - We bought this at a garage sale for a dollar, and when gaming turnout was sparse last night, I was told we needed to watch it. I was familiar with the general plot and many of the bits that have become memes (“Why do we even have that lever?”), but hadn’t actually watched it and was amused with the movie as a whole. While I think The Road to El Dorado was a marginally better movie, this was clever and witty. And fourth wall? What fourth wall?

How I hacked my bad Habit

The most difficult thing I find about sticking to a healthy diet isn't the food. It's all the crud around the food: the social stuff, the emotional stuff, the things we use it for that aren't strictly nutritive. For most of my adult-life I've been doing my best to eat well, but when I stop it's not because I need chocolate or hate kale, it's because of all that other stuff.

So this year I've decided to stop trying to address the food part. Instead I'm going to try to address the other part, and I started with lunch.

Lunch is fraught. The weekdays, when I'm at work, involve either going out with coworkers to places with enormous portions, or going alone to places with enormous portions. Either way, I end up with too much food and spending too much money, plus I get the whole "let's deal with the traffic leaving campus" stress. The social thing I absolutely can't opt out of, but fortunately all of us are trying to cut down on spending, so we've narrowed that to once a week. The problem, then, is what I do with myself for the remaining four days.

So I sat and thought about what it is I want out of lunch, besides food. I want to be undisturbed/off-duty/not findable by coworkers. I want to be able to read a book. I want to eat, yes, but most of all I want to get away from my office, which is a concrete closet with a door. There's no light. There's little air movement. It's dingy and stifling and annoying. And it's lonely: I rarely ever see another person. Given that one of the reasons I wanted a day job was to 'get out of the house where I never see anyone,' that's a huge negative.

Most of the time I leave, I leave not because I want to eat somewhere, but because I want to get away from my office.

So I did an experiment. I packed some food I really like to eat with coffee and walked to the library Starbucks, bought a cup of (inevitably bad) decaf and sat in a corner to read. I chose the library Starbucks rather than the bookstore coffee shop because it looks like every other Starbucks, which fools my brain into thinking I'm not on campus, and because it's busy; I get to see people without having to have prolonged interactions with them (unless I want to! Some days I do!). I also made sure I had a book that was really exciting me so I'd look forward to being 'away.' I spent half an hour there, which is about as long as I spend eating lunch out. Then I walked back and checked. Did I feel like I'd gotten out? Yes. Was I looking forward to doing it again tomorrow? Yes.

For one week, I made sure I packed a bit of food I liked that went well with coffee, and that I had an exciting book. After that, I started associating my trip to the library Starbucks with 'I can't wait to read!' and 'Ooh, I get to have fig cake!'

It's now been three weeks since I started this experiment, and I no longer want to go out to eat; I want to go have my bad coffee and good snack and read and watch all the students go by and feel the sunlight hit my eyes through the nice, big, library windows. What didn't work when I was trying to address the food part of the puzzle works now that I've addressed the emotional part. I am 'getting away' without having to leave, and this means I'm not overeating, overspending, or overusing the car. And since lunch was one of the biggest problems I was having, I feel like I solved a big part of the problem there.

Obviously, every part of life can't be hacked into better shapes, but I'm going to do my best to try with other bits that need fixing. So far, so good.

Candle light marches, slut walks & protests won’t be required if you decide to act at right moment

A curious paradox is that we Indians, who are born nosy, have high levels of apathy and hesitation towards molestation or eve-teasing of any sort. Sure, we are an opinionated lot, with a fair share of knowledge of what is “morally good or bad”. But when majority of the population decides to keep mum during the moment of truth, it takes us on a serious back foot.

“What would I do if I were them?” I counter question myself. “Anything but keep quiet”, I retort. Wouldn't that be contradicting the whole idea behind voicing myself?

Like every other girl, I have faced minor, or not so minor, instances that vaguely qualify as eve teasing. Each one happened at a different stage of life and unfortunately, my reaction towards them depended heavily on the support of the on-lookers.

How to Develop Mental Toughness Better Than Anyone Else?

Are You Embarrassed By Your Develop Mental Toughness Skills? You Want Develop Mental Toughness? Here’s What To Do.

When you go through life, you will at some point in life face great challenges. It is how you deal with the challenges that will matter the most. Some people just will not be able to get over the challenges and it will affect the rest of their lives. So how do you develop the mental toughness to get through those challenging times?

Everyone Loves Develop Mental Toughness

One of the things that you need to do when faced with adversity is to have a positive attitude. This is the most difficult thing that you can do. When you are so upset, it is difficult to think positively. What you need to do is compartmentalize your feelings. I know this sounds cold but sometimes that is the only way that you can deal with situations like this. Look for what is good that you can take away from the situation. Try to think of what you do best and how you can get over the situation relying on your strengths.

How to choose your Egg Donor without making Mistake?

Choosing perfect egg donor is vital thing because a little mistake can ruin your future as money too. Learn how to be prerated and seal the deal to pick the best Egg Donor with our money to have best quality baby.

Egg Donor, donate egg

If you are asking how do you choose an egg donor, you will appreciate these questions to ask and mistakes to potentially avoid. When you realize that the only way you can have a baby is with another woman's eggs, you go through a grieving process. The first rule of thumb is don't rush in to picking donor eggs while grieving. As a woman who has received the news that she can't have children, you are in a fragile state. In my opinion, I was not the emotionally stable or happy person I was when I learned that. In fact, I thought my judgment was clouded. I felt there was nothing to live for when my dream had been dashed. As a result, if you are feeling the same way as I did, don't rush into any decision making. That means don't ponder how to choose an egg donor or even what shoes should I wear out. When you are emotionally distraught, I feel people make bad decisions or ones that are not well informed. Thus, give yourself some time to grieve over not being able to have children on your own. Then, after that process, move on to your next stage of your life.

Social Media- the villain of crisis

It has become very apparent in recent months that social media plays a key role during crisis situations. When the year first began, I never thought that this country would experience anything like the Oklahoma tornadoes or the Boston bombings.

It has been during both of these crisis events that I realized how important social media was. This includes the leaders in these affected cities being able to provide minute by minute updates as a result of social media. These updates are not only important for local residents, but they are also important for their family members as well. In the aftermath of the tornadoes that nearly destroyed Moore, Oklahoma, thousands of people across the country were waiting to find out if their family members or friends were okay. In a situation like this, cell phones typically do not work because the network towers have been destroyed. So this means that those living in a disaster area cannot make any phone calls. However, local media stations often have back up power systems which allows them to have access to the internet. Many used the internet on the day of the tornadoes to update their social media pages about what was going on, which included the amount of devastation and the number of survivors.

Pinterest is one of the social media sites used often during crisis situations. Over the past week users have been posting photos of destruction scenes from Oklahoma. If not for sites like these, I would not have seen up close photos and I also would have not have been updated so quickly about what was really going on.

Many disaster organizations like the Red Cross also frequently use social media during a crisis situation. Red Cross team members will use sites like Facebook and Twitter to post updates about rescue efforts and also to send out a call out for volunteers. These sites are also used frequently as a platform for soliciting donations.

During the Boston bombings, social media was a main source for getting updates for many people. This included updates about the people injured, and also the progress being made on finding the attackers. I know if one of my family members was in the marathon I would be checking these sites every five minutes.

The thing I like most about social media is that it helps people who live faraway get instant information about their family. Nothing calms the nerves of a mother or father more than getting an updated post from their son or daughter letting them that they are okay.

Going forward, I expect to see social media playing an even bigger role during crisis situations and weather disaster related events. This might result in Facebook and Twitter implementing new features like video on demand or podcasting.

USAjobs.com: Government Site to Job Seekers in USA

Unemployment rates are increasing day by day which means more and more people are searching job. Now-a-days, job seekers can search job easily as many tools are available to find jobs. More than 45,000 online job search sites are there which help you to get right job with a few clicks. USAjobs.com is also an online job search website for U.S. residents and Federal Employees to find government job listings, employment information, and job applications. Job seekers can search the job that matches their academic background and professional experience within US.

USAjobs.com: Government Site to Job Seekers in USA
USAjobs.com allows you to search jobs in 2 ways (Basic Search or an Advanced Search) in order to provide you maximum flexibility to search jobs that you might be interested. Both ways work differently and the results can be incorrect if you don’t know these differences. “Basic Search” provides 2 options: “what”/“where”. In “what” option you have to enter job title or any word given in the text of a job announcement while in "where" option you can enter location. After that, the system will scan all existing jobs for the entered word. The site will at first treat you as a US resident if you are not logged in.