Tips on Trim Beard that my Father didn't Teach

If you are wondering how do I trim my beard, you are one of many men staring in the mirror on a daily basis wondering what to do. I have been there many days and I wonder why my father didn't teach me that. Then, I remember that my father never grew a beard. That would explain why each attempt resulted in my facial hair looking lopsided. In fact, many times it would look so off that I would end up shaving off my entire beard. Because that was not the look I wanted, I set about to learn how do I trim my beard evenly. The first thing I realized is that you need the proper tools to make the job easier. For the longest time I was just using my straight edge. This would result in some places of the beard looking more dimpled than others. Other times, I would remove entire sections of the beard with one wrong move.

I then realized that the best way to trim a beard was with an electric razor and a guard. The guards help me keep the length I want without jeopardizing the overall length of the beard. However, when buying a razor, make sure that it comes with many different guard lengths. Then, the process of trimming your beard to the length you want will be a little bit of trial and error. But to make sure you get a length you like, start with the longest setting and then go down in clipper size until you get the look you like. However, the one thing to keep in mind is that I like to go in many directions with the razor. Don’t just go in one direction as it might not cut all the hairs in a uniform length when doing that. Also, when people ask how do I trim my beard properly, they might really mean how should I style my facial hair and how do I achieve that look. One great resource for facial hair styles is the site. There you might not only find helpful information, you might also be inspired to try a new look. Too look good in your beard, I think you should try man different versions of it.

Because individuals have different facial features and different types of facial hair, you will have to experiment with a look that flatters you. I personally believe that a beard that is not trimmed is the worst look of all. A lot of my friends grow beards because they are lazy. The truth of the mater is that beards take a lot of work to look well-maintained and attractive. Thus, grow a beard for the right reasons. If you have a really round face, you are not going to want heavy side burns. If your face is thin, then you might benefit from a longer beard on the sides. One way to keep the beard looking professional is by trimming the beard off your lower neck. Often times it is preference on what length to go with, but no matter what you do, make it have a definitive end in my opinion. Furthermore, make sure that the top of the beard has a definitive start. Some people might refer to that as cutting your beard in.

A final thing to consider if you are asking how do I trim up my beard is to realize your limitations. Simply put, you need to have realistic expectations. Based on your genetics, you may have less beard growth than some other people. Thus, if you flip through a fashion magazine, you might see a beard you want. However, it might be unrealistic to think that you can have that too. If you have sparse beard growth, you won’t have a thick beard like those seen in magazines created just by trimming it. Also, some beard looks might be hard for you to achieve even if you do have a thick beard. Simply put, some people’s facial hair grow mainly in one direction downward. However, other people will have facial hair growth that grows in all different directions. I am one of those individuals and I cannot achieve that sleek, well defined beard look. However, I have found a look that works for me and my facial hair type. Thus, experiment and see what works best for you. Don’t just try to do something that looks good on somebody else. If you would like different facial hair style ideas, you might appreciate the page. I found a couple new looks there that I want to try next. Also, if your beard is graying, keep in mind that there are products to hide that. I hope you now have a better understanding of how do I trim my beard.

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