10 most difficult but useful things I have learnt in my 20

So I 27 year and now and now these are the things I have learnt. Hope this helpful to people who are are in 20s.

1. Junk food is really junk. You are what you eat. Home cooked food is the best.

2. People will leave you. Learn to move on.

3. Laziness will have to be paid later.

4. You will not always be appreciated for your hard work.

5. You cannot take money for granted any more. It is hard to earn.

6. Your huge friend circle will not remain huge any more.You will remain in contact with very few of them.

7. Family is very important. Till now they supported you, now it's your turn.

8. You should have a career in a field which you like, not a field which pays more.

9. Losing fat is exponentially harder than gaining it because of your slowing metabolism.

10. You cannot trust people easily. Your past love/ relationships will give you nothing. Forget them.

How petrol price is actually calculated in india?

Many Indians are searching for exact data on fuel (petrol/diesel) price calculation. Here I have tried to create best explanation to understand the goverment's acche din khwaab.

Details Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4
Per Barrel Price  in USD 40 60 70 100
Average USD rate 63 63 63 63
Rate India in Rs 2520 3780 4410 6300
Per Liter price of Petrol ( 1 barel= 159 ltr) 15.85 23.77 27.74 39.62
1 ltr petrol needs .86 ltr of crude ( so net price will be) 13.63 20.45 23.85 34.08
Crude to Petrol conversion cost with Transportation per ltr 6 6 6 6
Cost after conversion cost 19.63 26.45 29.85 40.08
Central excise / custom Duty 25% 4.91 6.61 7.46 10.02
Price after central taxes 24.54 33.06 37.32 50.09
State Tax like VAT  - average 25% 6.13 8.26 9.33 12.52
After VAT 30.67 41.32 46.65 62.62
Petrol price in India 64 64 64 64
Excess Price Charged by Oil Companies -33.3 -22.7 -17.4 -1.38

So what do think my friends? Please share your thoughts in comment.

Best Places in India I want to see before my death

First I thought it's Kerala, when I spent a night in Alleppey boat house
But soon it changed to Tamilnadu, when I saw the greenish water of Rameswaram
Then Karnataka, when I saw the beautiful Mysore palace
Then Andhra Pradesh, when I look at the Tirupati temple
Telangana, When I did boating inside the Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad
Then Odisha, when I had Mahaprasad at Puri Jagannath temple
Then Jharkhand, @ Hundru Fall
Then a bigger fall at Chitrakote, Chattisgarh
My quest for waterfall ends at Dhuandhar, Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal became my favorite when I enjoyed Durga Puja of Kolkata
Gradually I entered into the north east, fell in love with Sikkim
This is what I was looking for @ Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh
Fell in love with Nagaland once knowing about Horn Bill Festival
Then Manipur, once I learnt about world war II cemetery, Imphal
Then Mizoram when I saw the beautiful churches
Then Tripura when I travelled in a meter gauge train
Meghalaya, when I came across the village Mawlynnong
I enjoyed the fish through out Assam, Thanks to Brahmaputra river
Fell in love with peace when I reached Bodhgaya, Bihar
Uttar Pradesh became my favorite, After seeing Ganga Aarti in Varanasi
Soon it changed to Goa, Once I came across the the beautiful beaches
Then Maharashtra once reached the maximum city, Mumbai
Then Gujarat once looking at the mesmerizing Rann of Kutch
Rajasthan became my favorite when I looked at the beautiful palaces
Haryana I got to know the root of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra
Punjab when I saw glittering sarovar of Golden temple, Amritsar
Uttarakhand when I passed by the serpentine trail of Mussorrie
Himachal, When I reached top of the Triund Hill
Finally when I crossed miles to reach Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir: I already realized that the whole India is beautiful, not just any single state.

3 Mistakes To Avoid while selecting Sunglasses that Fit on Face

You need to look sensational in your sunglasses, but you might be asking how should sunglasses fit on my face. If this is the case, you will want to know 3 mistakes to avoid and how to look your best. When trying sunglasses on at the store, make sure you can try them on without the tag hanging down in front of you. Also, don’t be embarrassed to take your time and really examine yourself closely. Some people get self conscious about trying sunglasses on and rush their decision making. As a result, they may not choose the best fitting and most flattering frame. I will have a common sense suggestion for getting the best look that you probably didn’t think about after covering the basics with you. Let’s begin with the first rule. When asking how should sunglasses sit on face, they have to sit in symmetry to your facial shape. For example, you want to emphasize what works for you and hide what doesn’t. If you have a very round face, it would be wise to steer away from large round sunglasses. Yes, they might be all the rage. However, you need to choose a shape that is complimentary. In fact, avoid this mistake and try going with a shape that is different than your face shape. In other words, if you have a rectangular face, try some round sunglasses. If you have a round face, try some rectangular shades for the best fashion fit.

How to start hostel business in india?

While you were traveling, you may have stayed at hostels to save some money. Many students and even some seasoned travelers prefer to stay at hostels rather than hotels. One of the reasons is that it is cheaper. Another reason is that you can socialize with the other people staying at the hostel. It becomes more like a family atmosphere rather than the isolation of hotel rooms. So if you have experienced staying at a hostel and would like to open one, there are some things that you will need to consider.