10 most difficult but useful things I have learnt in my 20

So I 27 year and now and now these are the things I have learnt. Hope this helpful to people who are are in 20s.

1. Junk food is really junk. You are what you eat. Home cooked food is the best.

2. People will leave you. Learn to move on.

3. Laziness will have to be paid later.

4. You will not always be appreciated for your hard work.

5. You cannot take money for granted any more. It is hard to earn.

6. Your huge friend circle will not remain huge any more.You will remain in contact with very few of them.

7. Family is very important. Till now they supported you, now it's your turn.

8. You should have a career in a field which you like, not a field which pays more.

9. Losing fat is exponentially harder than gaining it because of your slowing metabolism.

10. You cannot trust people easily. Your past love/ relationships will give you nothing. Forget them.

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