Best Answer on How to Stop jealousy

Trick to stop jealousy: Compliment the person you are jealous of.

Stop being jealous also open up door to the success. Lots of people say stop being jealous but no one explain how to stop it and how to practice good virtues.

Just be honest and ask yourself "What quality makes me feel jealous of the person?" Compliment them about that quality.

"What? Are you crazy? No way I'm complimenting someone I am jealous of"; would be your first thought to this. But, lets see how this works.

When you see someone doing better than you, the reason the competition builds up is because you feel insecure about yourself.

Once in college, I was heading an event, a senior that was leading the PR team was very good at what she did. I did feel jealous, I went and I genuinely complimented her on her work. I realized she was same like me, trying so hard to give her best; I learnt things from her, and some she did from me. It always works.

If you concentrate so hard on a particular person's abilities, you would find yourself trapped and eventually you'll end up in a hole dug by your own insecurities.

Face it, accept it, learn from it and move on.

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