5 Things look Difficult but really Easy: You must Try

  1. Taking out time for yourself. It may sound nigh impossible in today's world where everybody wants to be at every place doing everything, but it isn't. Once you have decided to, you will find that there is always time. For example, if you reach home at 8, finish your dinner by 9 and want a couple of hours to read, just switch off all distractions and do it.

  2. Not giving a fuck. Really, it's just one small decision away.

    During graduation, I was always concerned about how I looked, how I came across, how people perceived me as an individual etc. I would worry that my unruly hair looked bad, or if I was being polite enough. When I went for my post-grad, I suddenly didn't have time for all of it for the whole 1st year. And in 2nd year, I realized I no longer cared.

    I would tie up my hair in a lazy bunch, not care if I was presentable enough (unless for a course presentation or other official purposes).

    If someone likes me - Good! We should have a beer sometime. If someone doesn't - Good! More beer for me.

  3. Nurturing a hobby: Be it reading, playing a musical instrument, blogging, etc. All it requires is some headstrong perseverance for the initial couple of months. Once you cross that psychological barrier, a hobby easily becomes an addiction. I have seen people who would forgo sleep, but would religiously go out for their daily morning run.
  4. Cooking: I have heard a lot of my bachelor friends complain that it is too much work. There are thousands of recipes, hundreds of types of raw material that goes in, dozens of condiments to keep track of etc. And that it takes a lot of time.

    Nope. Once you get the initial hang of it, you can cook a good meal in less than an hour (active participation < 30 mins). You just need to know some basic recipes and then unleash your creativity.

  5. Making a long distance relationship work: Yes, I get it. You won't be able to stay apart. There is a communication gap as you can only hear their voice over phone or see them over skype; you aren't there to gauge how they are feeling and pick up the subtle hints etc.

    But if both of you are willing to work on it, to be a little more understanding, make a few more sacrifices, it will work just fine.

    Plus, one really great upside to it is that, unlike other couples in the beginning, you are not all over each other's personal space, and you get your own time.

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