Movies Vs Reality

Men and women forced to work or travel together quickly fall in love

People find parking spaces in major cities in the middle of the afternoon directly in front of their intended destinations

No one ever makes or receives a wrong number

Police departments get the DNA results the next day

When a police captain tells a detective, "You're off the case!" it means that this detective is the person who will solve the crime

As soon as you turn on the television, the news will be reporting about the very event you are most curious about

Depending on the city in which you live, a world famous landmark can be seen from your window. (The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Empire State Building in New York City, etc.);

A single punch [from someone who has no experience in fighting, edit] instantly knocks someone unconscious

You could always tell the good guys from the bad guys: the good guys are always better looking

The ticking time bomb will be disarmed with less than 10 seconds to spare

The person who says, "I'll be right back" is the first one to be killed

The bad guy who appears to have just been killed isn't quite dead yet

The person who we're told died years ago in a fire is really still alive.

People recognize wanted men from the newspapers. But you can't fool a wanted man in the movies; he can always tell he's been recognized.

Women are telepathic dancers; they can follow any step in real time.

A good guy with a pistol can outshoot several bad guys with machine guns.

If you're not hit by the bullet that shatters a nearby window of your car or home, you're certainly not going to be hit by the flying glass.

Any guitar you see lying around is probably in tune.

If you thrust money at a cab driver and jump out, he won't try to delay you while he checks how much money you thrusted.

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