5 Untold Vidhis of Mahabharat I Bet you may not Know

This is something none of the serials or stories talk about. This is what differentiates a good warrior from a great warrior.

In Mahabharata, there are 4 branches or shakhas of Dhanurveda. Apart from the branches that forms the foundation, Dhanurveda has five Vidhis. Of these, three were known to maharathi such as Bhishma and Drona. Only Arjuna knew all the Vidhis. In this post I will focus on the Vidhis.

Vidhis– What are they?

Vidhi, generally, means process or principle. In the context of Dhanurveda, Vidhi means the principle to use weapons (mystical or otherwise) so that they can be used to either protect the allies and/or to wreck havoc on the enemies. The five Vidhis, as enumerated in the epic and puranas, are:

1. Prayoga
2. Upasanhara
3. Avarti
4. Prayashachitya
5. Pratighata

Among the above, no mortal could impart the knowledge of Prayashachitya and Pratighata. The only person who could provide the knowledge about them was the originator of Dhanurveda himself– Lord Shiva. And he had imparted that knowledge only to one person – Arjuna. Everyone else had knowledge of utmost three Vidhis. It was the skill in all the five Vidhis that made him the most dreaded warrior to his enemies and the peerless archer of the epic.

Vidhis– In detail:

Now let us look what exactly each Vidhi entails and how they effect different branches specifically Mukta, Mantramukta and Muktamukta.
  1. Prayoga:The basic Vidhi of using a weapon. It essentially means using a weapon. This is the only Vidhi that exists for all the branches including Amukta. In the context of other three branches, Prayoga means how to hurl or launch a weapon such as arrow, spear etc. This was known to all warriors.
  2. Upasanhara:This is advanced Vidhi in using a weapon. Upasanhara means recalling or withdrawing a weapon. This mainly deals with Muktamukta. Due to this, Upasanhara works mainly with mystical weapons. Once fired, such weapons can be recalled. Upasanhara details how to recall a fired weapon. Each weapon had its own Upasanhara. Ashwathama did not know this Vidhi for Brahmastra. That's why he could not recall it.
  3. Avarti:It means distress prevention. Avarti means using a weapon as a shield to prevent effect of an incoming weapon(s). The shield provided by this Vidhi could be small area (such as protecting self) or wide area (such as defending the whole army). Many warriors knew this Vidhi. However, it was best used by Bhishma among Kauravas and Arjuna as well as Bhima from Pandava side. Arjuna and Bhishma mainly used Avarti in archery whereas Bhima mainly used Avarti in mace and its other cousins in Amukta weapons.
  4. Prayashachitya:There are two Vidhis that none of the mortal/human guru could teach their students. Prayashachitya is one of them. Pratighata is the other one. Prayashachitya could be called the 'consequence reset' Vidhi among the Vidhis. The reason is that using this Vidhi, a warrior can bring allied soldiers or an innocents back to life who have lost their life due to one of the weapons used by the warrior. In other words, a warrior who knows this Vidhi can use a mystical weapon without the thought of collateral damage. Once the weapon has done its task, then he can give life back to those who were part of the collateral damage. Another aspect of this Vidhi was that the warrior can be selective in the effect doled out by the weapon. Hence, he can use a weapon and dictate who should be hurt and who should not be. Drona had to bear the curse of Saptarshis because he did not know this Vidhi and had cause death of countless soldiers from his camp. This Vidhi applied mainly to Muktamukta and Mantramukta branches.
  5. Pratighata:As stated earlier, Pratighata is one of the two Vidhis that none of the worldly Guru could teach. It enables a warrior to rebound a weapon (even if it is mystical) used against him. Here, rebound means utilizing the power of the weapon fired by the enemy against castor(s) themselves. This Vidhi could be used against any mystical weapon, including but not limited to Narayanastra. Similar to Prayashachitya, Pratighata applied to Muktamukta and Mantramukta branches.
What made Arjuna special?

In the context of Vidhis, what made Arjuna special was his knowledge of Prayashachitya and Pratighata which he gained through rigorous austerities. None of the other archers, including Bhishma and Drona, knew these two Vidhis. However, Arjuna never used Prayashachitya for the reasons he enumerated in Udyoga Parava. Arjuna had received this knowledge from Mahadeva himself when he propitiated Mahadeva in Indrakila. Mahadeva had not imparted this knowledge to anyone else. Hence, no one else knew the last two Vidhis.

Bhishma had known that Arjuna was well-versed in all the five Vidhis, which was why he said the following when he classified the warriors on both the sides-
But all these warriors described so far on both sides pale in front of Dhananjaya. What car-warrior can be regarded as his equal, who, stationed on a single car' slew in battle a thousand Danavas, having their abode in Hiranyapura? Inflamed with wrath, possessed of great might and prowess, incapable of being baffled, that mighty-armed warrior, while protecting his own army, will certainly exterminate thy troops!
Myself and preceptor (Drona) are only two among the two armies, and no third car-warrior, O great king, who can advance against Dhananjaya, that scatterer of arrowy showers!

14 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts that'll Give New Meaning to Your Life

  1. First 3 sec you woke up, you will not remember anything.
  2. If you didn't move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep.
  3. Shy people are smarter and more trust worthy.
  4. Often, when a person starts crying, he will remember other sad events to increase his crying ‘Scumbag-brain’.
  5. When you are very sad, you will feel everyone happy around you.
  6. The people who prefer window seat in every transport like to be alone during the travel.
  7. People who write a lot of poems never had a chance to express the feeling to that person.
  8. When you sneeze, you die for a second.
  9. Tickling is actually a torturing method.
  10. If you speak and encourage yourself in front of mirror, you will be mentally strong.
  11. Human body gets partial paralysis, during sleep to prevent itself from doing harmful things.
  12. People forget to notice things when they are tensed even if it is in front of them.
  13. We are born afraid of only two things - falling and loud noises all other fears are learned and influenced by our environments and culture.
  14. Your body is weak during 3–4am this is the time most people die in their sleep.

What make Women Most Sad in GST?

No GST on condoms, but 12% GST on sanitary napkins. Why didn't India understand that, sex is a choice, periods are not, when condoms can be tax free why can't napkins be?

I don't understand what made government levy 12% tax on sanitary pads? Is it taxing on a women's period? There was no need to levy a luxury tax on sanitary napkins (SN), it's not that only rich women bleed, SN are essential and not luxury, no matter who bleeds.

Though vermilion and bangles are made tax free (which means, government tried to know its importance in women's life), but why it did not try to know how essential are SN to the same women?
There are still women in rural areas who cannot afford to basic menstrual hygiene, and what made government act on this situation is really shameful. Sanitary pads are to be given at subsidized rate instead of applying taxes on them.

10 Dos and Don'ts Every Younger Must Know to Become Successful

10 things you should definitely do in your life

1. Watch your thoughts when alone - will decide Character.
2. Watch a Movie alone - will make you realise that movies are best watched with someone/a group.
3. Fight with your mother - will make you realise in approximately 1–2 hours how much you love her, and you shouldn't waste your life’s time fighting with her.
4. Play with a 3 year old - will make you happy, most of us have forgotten how to be happy.
5. Eat at a roadside food stall - will make you realise not all inexpensive things are bad, in fact they can be the best.
6. Write your feelings on your personal notebook will make you feel better.
7. Be nice to people who demotivate you, discourage you - will show you how strong you are.
8. Decide the name of your child/children before marrying your partner someday - Trust me irrespective of gender, you won't make their day, and you will make their life.
9. Read books - You will learn much more about life than you ever could.
10. Love someone immensely - That’s all that matters, you can work your dream job for years and won't be as happy as holding your person’s hand when you need him/her.

10 things we should never do

1. Never underestimate the power of karma!
2. Never call crush as love!
3. Never underestimate the value of good academics and education!
4. Never try smoking when provoked!
5. Never pressurize your parents for things just because your friends have bought them!
6. Never feel jealous of your friend’s success!
7. Never let sexual desire take over you!
8. Never demotivate someone!
9. Never share your problems with everyone!
10. Never forget praise someone who is doing some great activities.

Double standards of modern feminism

A female and a male colleague are coming back from work. They share the same cab. Now the cab stops due to some fault in the engine. They can’t find any other vehicle nearby, but there is a hotel nearby so they decide to rent a room.

However there is only one room left. After much discussion they take the room. When they enter the room there is one BED. It is automatically decided that the girl will sleep on the bed and guy on the couch/floor.


What happened to equality? Or do the women think they can't sleep on the floor? Males are really chivalrous in this matter but least you could do is offer him. That is some double standard m'lady.
If you want equality then demand equality in everything.

Present of Mind Save her Life

This happened to a friend of mine last summer. She was riding back from her coaching to hostel at 8.30 pm in Bhopal on her scooty. Her hostel is in a hilly area outside the city so there were no street lights on the road. On the way she lost balance of her scooter when she ran it over a few stones. As she was going at about 40 kmph speed, she got thrown on the road due to the jerk. Face first. Her jaw was hurt so bad it started bleeding immediately, and profusely. Still she managed not to panic and took out her phone from her pocket and called a friend of hers. But the hostel was a couple kilometers away so she knew she'll have to at least stay conscious. Moreover the road is not a very busy one so vehicles run at pretty good speeds on it.

So she turned the torch light of her phone and started waving it on so that no speedy vehicle would run over her, and if lucky, stop and take her to the hospital. And that is what happened. A guy on a bike stopped the instant he saw her and took her to the hospital. She also saved herself from coming under 2 cars as she kept on waving her phone.

And with this she was declared the smartest in the group!

5 Secret Things Every Happy Couple Do

1. The morning kiss

The moment one of us is about to leave the house, a kiss is mandatory. I don't recall a single day we might have missed it.

2. Ending a fight before going to sleep

We fight like cats and dogs. Yes we do. But we haven't ever slept over it. There were times we kept arguing till wee hours in the morning because of this rule.

3. Accompanying each other everywhere

He would drag me wherever he had to go. Even for some small errands. Car servicing, repairing something, ordering some office related thing. I have been everywhere. Similarly, he has been to beauty salons or shopping with me. He tells me to hurry up but won't stop accompanying me.

4. Talk about anything the mind thinks

There is no restrictions. We have shared our innermost secrets. The desires. The ambitions. We have been technically talking since 8 years. Yet we always have something to discuss or talk about every night.

5. Teasing the other

We go into friends mode when we see any handsome guy or a beautiful girl. Healthy teasing ensues.

We totally agree we were lucky to get each other because our choices suck.