10 Dos and Don'ts Every Younger Must Know to Become Successful

10 things you should definitely do in your life

1. Watch your thoughts when alone - will decide Character.
2. Watch a Movie alone - will make you realise that movies are best watched with someone/a group.
3. Fight with your mother - will make you realise in approximately 1–2 hours how much you love her, and you shouldn't waste your life’s time fighting with her.
4. Play with a 3 year old - will make you happy, most of us have forgotten how to be happy.
5. Eat at a roadside food stall - will make you realise not all inexpensive things are bad, in fact they can be the best.
6. Write your feelings on your personal notebook will make you feel better.
7. Be nice to people who demotivate you, discourage you - will show you how strong you are.
8. Decide the name of your child/children before marrying your partner someday - Trust me irrespective of gender, you won't make their day, and you will make their life.
9. Read books - You will learn much more about life than you ever could.
10. Love someone immensely - That’s all that matters, you can work your dream job for years and won't be as happy as holding your person’s hand when you need him/her.

10 things we should never do

1. Never underestimate the power of karma!
2. Never call crush as love!
3. Never underestimate the value of good academics and education!
4. Never try smoking when provoked!
5. Never pressurize your parents for things just because your friends have bought them!
6. Never feel jealous of your friend’s success!
7. Never let sexual desire take over you!
8. Never demotivate someone!
9. Never share your problems with everyone!
10. Never forget praise someone who is doing some great activities.

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