5 Secret Things Every Happy Couple Do

1. The morning kiss

The moment one of us is about to leave the house, a kiss is mandatory. I don't recall a single day we might have missed it.

2. Ending a fight before going to sleep

We fight like cats and dogs. Yes we do. But we haven't ever slept over it. There were times we kept arguing till wee hours in the morning because of this rule.

3. Accompanying each other everywhere

He would drag me wherever he had to go. Even for some small errands. Car servicing, repairing something, ordering some office related thing. I have been everywhere. Similarly, he has been to beauty salons or shopping with me. He tells me to hurry up but won't stop accompanying me.

4. Talk about anything the mind thinks

There is no restrictions. We have shared our innermost secrets. The desires. The ambitions. We have been technically talking since 8 years. Yet we always have something to discuss or talk about every night.

5. Teasing the other

We go into friends mode when we see any handsome guy or a beautiful girl. Healthy teasing ensues.

We totally agree we were lucky to get each other because our choices suck.

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