Present of Mind Save her Life

This happened to a friend of mine last summer. She was riding back from her coaching to hostel at 8.30 pm in Bhopal on her scooty. Her hostel is in a hilly area outside the city so there were no street lights on the road. On the way she lost balance of her scooter when she ran it over a few stones. As she was going at about 40 kmph speed, she got thrown on the road due to the jerk. Face first. Her jaw was hurt so bad it started bleeding immediately, and profusely. Still she managed not to panic and took out her phone from her pocket and called a friend of hers. But the hostel was a couple kilometers away so she knew she'll have to at least stay conscious. Moreover the road is not a very busy one so vehicles run at pretty good speeds on it.

So she turned the torch light of her phone and started waving it on so that no speedy vehicle would run over her, and if lucky, stop and take her to the hospital. And that is what happened. A guy on a bike stopped the instant he saw her and took her to the hospital. She also saved herself from coming under 2 cars as she kept on waving her phone.

And with this she was declared the smartest in the group!

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