What make Women Most Sad in GST?

No GST on condoms, but 12% GST on sanitary napkins. Why didn't India understand that, sex is a choice, periods are not, when condoms can be tax free why can't napkins be?

I don't understand what made government levy 12% tax on sanitary pads? Is it taxing on a women's period? There was no need to levy a luxury tax on sanitary napkins (SN), it's not that only rich women bleed, SN are essential and not luxury, no matter who bleeds.

Though vermilion and bangles are made tax free (which means, government tried to know its importance in women's life), but why it did not try to know how essential are SN to the same women?
There are still women in rural areas who cannot afford to basic menstrual hygiene, and what made government act on this situation is really shameful. Sanitary pads are to be given at subsidized rate instead of applying taxes on them.

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