Movies Vs Reality

Men and women forced to work or travel together quickly fall in love

People find parking spaces in major cities in the middle of the afternoon directly in front of their intended destinations

No one ever makes or receives a wrong number

Police departments get the DNA results the next day

When a police captain tells a detective, "You're off the case!" it means that this detective is the person who will solve the crime

As soon as you turn on the television, the news will be reporting about the very event you are most curious about

Depending on the city in which you live, a world famous landmark can be seen from your window. (The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, the Empire State Building in New York City, etc.);

A single punch [from someone who has no experience in fighting, edit] instantly knocks someone unconscious

You could always tell the good guys from the bad guys: the good guys are always better looking

The ticking time bomb will be disarmed with less than 10 seconds to spare

The person who says, "I'll be right back" is the first one to be killed

The bad guy who appears to have just been killed isn't quite dead yet

The person who we're told died years ago in a fire is really still alive.

People recognize wanted men from the newspapers. But you can't fool a wanted man in the movies; he can always tell he's been recognized.

Women are telepathic dancers; they can follow any step in real time.

A good guy with a pistol can outshoot several bad guys with machine guns.

If you're not hit by the bullet that shatters a nearby window of your car or home, you're certainly not going to be hit by the flying glass.

Any guitar you see lying around is probably in tune.

If you thrust money at a cab driver and jump out, he won't try to delay you while he checks how much money you thrusted.

Bihar Politics Vs Game of Thrones

Bihar politics is like Game of Thrones. There are no ideologies, no principles and certainly no ethics. Its pure politics, unadulterated and unsparing to the weak.

Everyone fights for that one ultimate thing, capturing the King’s landing (Chief Minister’s Office) and sitting on the Iron Throne.

Let me make it more clear to you. Just like Game of Thrones, there are multiple political houses (caste combinations) in Bihar and no one owes any loyalty to anyone.

Mahagathbandhan (The Great Alliance)

Just like King Robert, he never cared about his Kingdom and the kingdom was reeling under corruption and injustice while he enjoyed his time on the Iron Throne. And now with his conviction in the fodder scam, he has been left incapacitated to rule, and hopes that his children will take carry forward his legacy, good or bad.

Meet the Cersei Lannister of Bihar politics. Nitish Kumar of the House Janata Dal United is the first of His Name, King of the Republic of Bihar and Protector of the Realm. Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar after Lalu’s rule( or misrule). He is the most smart, conniving, and shrewd politician in the Kingdom and has no hesitation in allying with the left, right or the center to keep his Iron Throne intact.

And now this guy. Sonia Gandhi is trying to teach him the skills of the Game, but the fact is she herself doesn’t know anything. Her kingdom is shrinking day by day and Rahul Gandhi like Robin Arryn is heavily dependent on her mother and is new to the game. Desperately wants to rule, but is too immature for it.

National Democratic Alliance

Narendra Modi is the Lord Commander of the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Lok Janashakti Party and the RLSP, Prime Minister of the Great Country of India, Breaker of Stereotypes, and the Hope of Millions. He now plans to capture the King’s Landing. He started alone, started winning and making allies. Just like our Khaleesi.

His most trusted ally in Bihar is Sushil Modi, just like Missandei. Sushil Modi owes complete loyalty to him and is his local counsel. He understands the local politics well and reports everything to him. High chances that if Narendra Modi wins, he will rule the kingdom on his behalf and Narendra Modi will march ahead to win other kingdoms like Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

No one else deserves to be Tyrion Lannister of Bihar politics. Ram Vilas Paswan, he was initially with the Lannisters and the Baratheons but now sensing the change of winds has joined Team Targaryen or the Team BJP and is now a major Advisor and has got a key position on the Narendra Modi’s Council . He has taken a solemn oath that whosoever forms the Government, he shall keep on taking oaths.

This guy, Jitam Ram Manjhi once occupied a Key position in the Nitish Kumar’s Council, just like Lord Vayrs did on Queen Cersei’s Small Council . But now he has shifted his loyalty to Narendra Modi and hopes to get his reward in case team BJP wins.

Upender Kushwaha, this guy was a nobody and was in exile until Narendra Modi allied with him. Earlier an ally of Nitish Kumar, he now has joined Team BJP and hopes to regain his lost respect. Just the way Ser Jorah was to Cersei and now desperately wants to reinvent himself.

Now, the Others:
This gentleman, Pappu Yadav was once an ally to the Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the Lannisters and the Baratheons of Bihar of Bihar politics. He was till recently accused in Ajit Sarkar murder case and has been acquitted for the lack of evidence. Now, he has ditched the Alliance and is alone and wandering and wants to have some pie.

As if this was not enough, Asaduddin Owaisi has entered Bihar politics like the High Sparrow and is punishing Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav just like the High Septon punished Cersei in Walk of Shame.

And yes, if you want to know who is the Lord Eddard Stark of Bihar politics. It was this guy, Jai Prakash Narayan, principled to the core. He could have gotten the throne to himself, but he did not want it. Those close to him have betrayed his ideologies and his principles.

So, tell me whether you find Bihar politics interesting or not.

And which House are you rooting for, The Targaryens or The Lannisters and more importantly who will occupy the Iron Throne.

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming.

Source of Images: Lifted shamelessly through Google from their respective Copyright Owners.

Courtesy: Quora

Master Tip to get 60% extra mileage in Bike

Get it on main stand everyday after returning home from office.

Ask some one to push her down from rear end.

Then rotate the front wheel till you get tired ( swap position with the helper and repeat).


You will see the odometer moving up without you burning any fuel..... :)

5 Things look Difficult but really Easy: You must Try

  1. Taking out time for yourself. It may sound nigh impossible in today's world where everybody wants to be at every place doing everything, but it isn't. Once you have decided to, you will find that there is always time. For example, if you reach home at 8, finish your dinner by 9 and want a couple of hours to read, just switch off all distractions and do it.

  2. Not giving a fuck. Really, it's just one small decision away.

    During graduation, I was always concerned about how I looked, how I came across, how people perceived me as an individual etc. I would worry that my unruly hair looked bad, or if I was being polite enough. When I went for my post-grad, I suddenly didn't have time for all of it for the whole 1st year. And in 2nd year, I realized I no longer cared.

    I would tie up my hair in a lazy bunch, not care if I was presentable enough (unless for a course presentation or other official purposes).

    If someone likes me - Good! We should have a beer sometime. If someone doesn't - Good! More beer for me.

  3. Nurturing a hobby: Be it reading, playing a musical instrument, blogging, etc. All it requires is some headstrong perseverance for the initial couple of months. Once you cross that psychological barrier, a hobby easily becomes an addiction. I have seen people who would forgo sleep, but would religiously go out for their daily morning run.
  4. Cooking: I have heard a lot of my bachelor friends complain that it is too much work. There are thousands of recipes, hundreds of types of raw material that goes in, dozens of condiments to keep track of etc. And that it takes a lot of time.

    Nope. Once you get the initial hang of it, you can cook a good meal in less than an hour (active participation < 30 mins). You just need to know some basic recipes and then unleash your creativity.

  5. Making a long distance relationship work: Yes, I get it. You won't be able to stay apart. There is a communication gap as you can only hear their voice over phone or see them over skype; you aren't there to gauge how they are feeling and pick up the subtle hints etc.

    But if both of you are willing to work on it, to be a little more understanding, make a few more sacrifices, it will work just fine.

    Plus, one really great upside to it is that, unlike other couples in the beginning, you are not all over each other's personal space, and you get your own time.

15 things which I have learned over the years

  1. Everything is business
  2. Have self-esteem
  3. Listen to everyone, but don't listen.
  4. Think what are your abilities.
  5. No one will help you if you fail. You are alone (Forever)
  6. Take risks because even Spider-Man has to take risk.
  7. Be optimistic
  8. Understand your environment
  9. Now the need of people.
  10. Be motivated
  11. Keep generating new ideas.
  12. Play
  13. Sleep
  14. Listen to Music (in your case compose too!)
  15. Enjoy life

Always think big and be proud.

Reason why I like hitler

Adolf Hitler could motivate a whole country to kill their own neighbors. He could inspire them to march forward. He could convince them that they were superior.

He was not a great fighter or a great scientist/scholar or a strategist. Nor was he from a Royal family or a deep political background. For all practical purposes, he was just a common man. Nothing uncommon about him.

Yet, he cast a magical spell on an entire nation. They did not worship him but obeyed him religiously.

I cannot even persuade my roommate to switch on a bloody fan.

12 Mind-blowing facts about Japan you may not know

Read this beautiful Information about Japan

1. Japanese children clean their schools every day for a quarter of an hour with teachers, which led to the emergence of a Japanese generation who is modest and keen on cleanliness.

2. Japanese citizen who has a dog must carry bag and special bags to pick up dog droppings. Hygiene and their eagerness to address cleanliness is part of Japanese ethics.

Why Narendra Modi is not failing as PM

A hypothetical scenario: Narendra bhai is the teacher of a child whose name is India and Xi Xinping is the teacher of a child named China. Once Xi come's to Modi's house for snacks. He sees India studying hard from a maths book. Interested Xi calls India to him and asks," What are you studying? The kid quickly replies, "Multiplication of two single digit  numbers."
"That's interesting", replied Xi. "For how long have you been studying it?" Xi quizzed further. "Ummmm, for around 68 years" replied the kid.
"Cool, then you must be knowing a lot about multiplication, right??"
"Yes.....", came a nervous reply from the boy.
"OK, then tell me what 5*5 is?"
"34", came the reply.
After hearing the reply Narendra goes and pats on his back and gifts him a chocolate.
Seeing this Xi gets confused and asks Narendra," Hey, that kid just gave a wrong answer and you are appreciating him."
Narendra calmly replied "A year ago before I started teaching him he was replying 473, now he has arrived at 34, see? he is getting closer, in a few years he will give the correct answer".

That is exactly what our PM Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi is doing. Can you imagine the deep shit the country was in before he assumed the position he is in? He is a master strategist and a shrewd politician. These two skills are what is desperately required in the leader of our country. Lets see what he has done so far.

1. One ring to rule them all. He is the supreme leader. He has done justice to the words Prime Minister. See that word Prime? No other leader in the country has commanded the reigns of general administration in our country like this man. The big four, Home, Finance, Defense,  and Foreign Affairs directly report to him. Without his approval not a bird can land in the premises of central secretariat. The secretaries of the various ministries instead of reporting to their respective ministers report to him more often. The way he has trained the bureaucracy to take decisions is really praiseworthy. During crisis like Yemen insurgency and Nepal earthquakes the officers took lightning fast decision to handle the crisis. In short he has given hope to the people of this nation that their elected leader can be trusted.

2. His team is like the Avengers type. The worst partnership that India had was of Manmohan Singh as PM and Pratibha Patil as President. A toothless PM with a woman who had no respect for the post. The Executive branch of the Indian Government was in shambles. But NaMo's team consists of Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parikar, Suresh Prabhu, Rajnath Singh. Each of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a distinct flavor of their own. It's like the Avengers with NaMo as Captain America. he is the first leader who has shunned nepotism and appointed worthy people to lead various ministries.

3. Image of the country in the world.

This is what he unveiled in Germany when he was there for bilateral meetings. He has visited nearly 18 foreign trips. He has become the brand ambassador of our country. Who better to be this than the PM?
Wherever he goes he advertises the potential of our country in terms of demographic dividend, resources we have, the friendliness of the government, opportunities for all etc. His visits to the countries have promised around 100 billion dollars investment.

4. He has engaged the Indian diaspora in the world and promised them that he will make a India of their dreams.

 This is what Madison Square looked like when he was giving a speech. The type of confidence he is installing in them is what is required after 10 years of shit rule. On his suggestion UN adopted the International Yoga Day quickly after the proposal was moved.

5. The out of box schemes he has planned for the people of this nation

  • Make In India: Will create crores of jobs, increase exports, boost our  manufacturing sector, defense industry will be biggest beneficiary of it
  • Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao: Will go a long way in improving the  condition of  girls
  • Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana: provides insurance cover at 5  paise  per day
  • GST Bill: One tax to replace all others, will go a long way in improving  the  economy
  • Skill India: To train the youth of the country and reap the benefits of  the young age population
  •   PM Jan Dhan Yojana:  Has increased financial inclusion like never   before,  around 16 crore bank accounts opened so far in a few months,   also  awarded Guinness record
  • Swachh Bharat: He has promised that he will provide a clean and green India in a couple of years.

6. The free hand he has provided to the army to maintain our sovereignty

‘We don’t think twice before pulling the trigger… We know Delhi is with us’: BSF commander

 Concluding I would like to say that all these ideas need time to show results. That old guy hardly sleeps for 3 hours and is constantly working hard so that he can build an India of which Indian's have dreamt for long. Saying that he has failed as a PM is utmost disgrace to the most honest and hardworking leader our country has ever seen. As I write this answer on Quora I remenber something he said at Madisson Square garden



I am Hindu.. Are you?

A Hindu was flying from JFK New York Airport to SFO San Francisco Airport CA to attend a meeting at Monterey, CA.

An American girl was sitting on the right side, near window seat. It indeed was a long journey - it would take nearly seven hours.

He was surprised to see the young girl reading a Bible unusual of young Americans. After some time she smiled and we had few acquaintances talk.
He told her that I am from India

Then suddenly the girl asked: 'What's your faith?'
'What?' He didn't understand the question.  'I mean, what's your religion?

Are you a Christian? Or a Muslim?'
'No!' He replied, 'He am neither Christian nor Muslim'.
Apparently she appeared shocked to listen to that. 'Then who are you?'
“I am a Hindu”, He said.

She looked at him as if she was seeing a caged animal. She could not understand what He was talking about.
A common man in Europe or US knows about Christianity and Islam, as they are the leading religions of the world today.  But a Hindu, what?

He explained to her - I am born to a Hindu father and Hindu mother. Therefore, I am a Hindu by birth.

'Who is your prophet?' she asked.
'We don't have a prophet,' He replied.  '

What's your Holy Book?'  'We don't have a single Holy Book, but we have hundreds and thousands of philosophical and sacred scriptures,' He replied.

Girl: 'Oh, come on at least tell me who is your God?'

He: 'What do you mean by that?'
Girl: 'Like we have Jesus and Muslims have Allah - don't you have a God?'

He thought for a moment. Muslims and Christians believe one God (Male God) who created the world and takes an interest in the humans who inhabit it. Her mind is conditioned with that kind of belief.  According to her (or anybody who doesn't know about Hinduism), a religion needs to have one Prophet, one Holy book and one God. The mind is so conditioned and rigidly narrowed down to such a notion that anything else is not acceptable.

He understood her perception and concept about faith.

You can't compare Hinduism with any of the present leading religions where you have to believe in one concept of God.

He tried to explain to her: 'You can believe in one God and he can be a Hindu. You may believe in multiple deities and still you can be a Hindu.

What's more - you may not believe in God at all, still you can be a Hindu.

An Atheist can also be a Hindu.'

This sounded very crazy to her. She couldn't imagine a religion so unorganized, still surviving for thousands of years, even after onslaught from foreign forces.  'I don't understand but it seems very interesting.

Are you religious?'  What can He tell to this American girl?

He said: 'I do not go to Temple regularly. I do not make any regular rituals. I have learned some of the rituals in my younger days.
I still enjoy doing it sometimes'.

'Enjoy? Are you not afraid of God?'

'God is a friend. No- I am not afraid of God.

Nobody has made any compulsions on me to perform these rituals regularly.'

 She thought for a while and then asked: 'Have you ever thought of converting to any other religion?'

'Why should I? Even if I challenge some of the rituals and faith in Hinduism, nobody can convert me from Hinduism.
Because, being a Hindu allows me to think independently and objectively, without conditioning.

I remain as a Hindu never by force, but choice.' He told her that Hinduism is not a religion, but a set of beliefs and practices.

It is not a religion like Christianity or Islam because it is not founded by any one person or does not have an organized controlling body like the Church or the Order,
There is no institution or authority.

 'So, you don't believe in God?'

she wanted everything in black and white.  'I didn't say that. I do not discard the divine reality.
Our scripture, or Sruthis or Smrithis - Vedas and Upanishads or the Gita - say God might be there or he might not be there. But we pray to that supreme abstract authority (Para Brahma) that is the creator of this universe.'

'Why can't you believe in one personal God?'
'We have a concept - abstract - not a personal god. The concept or notion of a personal God, hiding behind the clouds of secrecy, telling us irrational stories through few men whom he sends as messengers, demanding us to worship him or punish us, does not make sense.

I don't think that God is as silly as an autocratic emperor who wants others to respect him or fear him.'

He told her that such notions are just fancies of less educated human imagination and fallacies, adding that generally ethnic religious practitioners in Hinduism believe in personal Gods.

The entry level Hinduism has over-whelming superstitions too. The philosophical side of Hinduism negates all superstitions.  'Good that you agree God might exist.

You told that you pray. What is your prayer then?'

'Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,' लोका समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तु !!! ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः !!!  '

Funny,' she laughed, 'What does it mean?'

'May all the beings in all the worlds be happy. Let there be Peace, Peace,and Peace every where.'

'Hmm ..very interesting. I want to learn more about this religion. It is so democratic, broad-minded and free' she exclaimed.  '

The fact is Hinduism is a religion of the individual, for the individual and by the individual with its roots in the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita.

It is all about an individual approaching a personal God in an individual way according to his temperament and inner evolution - it is as simple as that.'

 'How does anybody convert to Hinduism?'

 'Nobody can convert you to Hinduism, because it is not a religion, but it is a Culture, a way of leaving life, a set of beliefs and practices.

Everything is acceptable in Hinduism because there is no single Authority or Organization either to accept you or to reject you or to oppose you on behalf of Hinduism.'

He told her - if you look for meaning in life, don't look for it in religions; don't go from one cult to another or from one Guru to the next.

For a real seeker, He told her, the Bible itself gives guidelines when it says ' Kingdom of God is within you.' I reminded her of Christ's teaching about the love that we have for each other. That is where you can find the meaning of life.  Loving each and every creation of the God is absolute and real.

'Isavasyam idam sarvam' Isam (the God) is present (inhabits) here everywhere - nothing exists separate from the God, because God is present everywhere. Respect every living being and non-living things as God. That's what Hinduism teaches you.

 Hinduism is referred to as Sanathana Dharma, the eternal faith. It is based on the practice of Dharma, the code of life. The most important aspect of Hinduism is being truthful to oneself.

Hinduism has no monopoly on ideas. It is open to all. Hindus believe in one God (not a personal one) expressed in different forms. For them, God is timeless and formless entity.

 Ancestors of today's Hindus believe in eternal truths and cosmic laws and these truths are opened to anyone who seeks them. But there is a section of Hindus who are either superstitious or turned fanatic to make this an organized religion like others.

The British coin the word 'Hindu' and considered it as a religion.  He said: 'Religions have become an MLM (multi-level- marketing) industry that has been trying to expand the market share by conversion.

The biggest business in today's world is Spirituality. Hinduism is no exception'  He said "I am a Hindu primarily because it professes Non-violence - 'Ahimsa Paramo Dharma' means - Non violence is the highest duty.

I am a Hindu because it doesn't condition my mind with any faith system.

Hinduism is the original rather a natural yet a logical and satisfying spiritual, personal and a scientific way of leaving a life.

Best Answer on How to Stop jealousy

Trick to stop jealousy: Compliment the person you are jealous of.

Stop being jealous also open up door to the success. Lots of people say stop being jealous but no one explain how to stop it and how to practice good virtues.

Just be honest and ask yourself "What quality makes me feel jealous of the person?" Compliment them about that quality.

"What? Are you crazy? No way I'm complimenting someone I am jealous of"; would be your first thought to this. But, lets see how this works.

When you see someone doing better than you, the reason the competition builds up is because you feel insecure about yourself.

Once in college, I was heading an event, a senior that was leading the PR team was very good at what she did. I did feel jealous, I went and I genuinely complimented her on her work. I realized she was same like me, trying so hard to give her best; I learnt things from her, and some she did from me. It always works.

If you concentrate so hard on a particular person's abilities, you would find yourself trapped and eventually you'll end up in a hole dug by your own insecurities.

Face it, accept it, learn from it and move on.

So Guy, what do you think? Write your opinion or experience in comment.... 

10 most difficult but useful things I have learnt in my 20

So I 27 year and now and now these are the things I have learnt. Hope this helpful to people who are are in 20s.

1. Junk food is really junk. You are what you eat. Home cooked food is the best.

2. People will leave you. Learn to move on.

3. Laziness will have to be paid later.

4. You will not always be appreciated for your hard work.

5. You cannot take money for granted any more. It is hard to earn.

6. Your huge friend circle will not remain huge any more.You will remain in contact with very few of them.

7. Family is very important. Till now they supported you, now it's your turn.

8. You should have a career in a field which you like, not a field which pays more.

9. Losing fat is exponentially harder than gaining it because of your slowing metabolism.

10. You cannot trust people easily. Your past love/ relationships will give you nothing. Forget them.

How petrol price is actually calculated in india?

Many Indians are searching for exact data on fuel (petrol/diesel) price calculation. Here I have tried to create best explanation to understand the goverment's acche din khwaab.

Details Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4
Per Barrel Price  in USD 40 60 70 100
Average USD rate 63 63 63 63
Rate India in Rs 2520 3780 4410 6300
Per Liter price of Petrol ( 1 barel= 159 ltr) 15.85 23.77 27.74 39.62
1 ltr petrol needs .86 ltr of crude ( so net price will be) 13.63 20.45 23.85 34.08
Crude to Petrol conversion cost with Transportation per ltr 6 6 6 6
Cost after conversion cost 19.63 26.45 29.85 40.08
Central excise / custom Duty 25% 4.91 6.61 7.46 10.02
Price after central taxes 24.54 33.06 37.32 50.09
State Tax like VAT  - average 25% 6.13 8.26 9.33 12.52
After VAT 30.67 41.32 46.65 62.62
Petrol price in India 64 64 64 64
Excess Price Charged by Oil Companies -33.3 -22.7 -17.4 -1.38

So what do think my friends? Please share your thoughts in comment.

Best Places in India I want to see before my death

First I thought it's Kerala, when I spent a night in Alleppey boat house
But soon it changed to Tamilnadu, when I saw the greenish water of Rameswaram
Then Karnataka, when I saw the beautiful Mysore palace
Then Andhra Pradesh, when I look at the Tirupati temple
Telangana, When I did boating inside the Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad
Then Odisha, when I had Mahaprasad at Puri Jagannath temple
Then Jharkhand, @ Hundru Fall
Then a bigger fall at Chitrakote, Chattisgarh
My quest for waterfall ends at Dhuandhar, Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal became my favorite when I enjoyed Durga Puja of Kolkata
Gradually I entered into the north east, fell in love with Sikkim
This is what I was looking for @ Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh
Fell in love with Nagaland once knowing about Horn Bill Festival
Then Manipur, once I learnt about world war II cemetery, Imphal
Then Mizoram when I saw the beautiful churches
Then Tripura when I travelled in a meter gauge train
Meghalaya, when I came across the village Mawlynnong
I enjoyed the fish through out Assam, Thanks to Brahmaputra river
Fell in love with peace when I reached Bodhgaya, Bihar
Uttar Pradesh became my favorite, After seeing Ganga Aarti in Varanasi
Soon it changed to Goa, Once I came across the the beautiful beaches
Then Maharashtra once reached the maximum city, Mumbai
Then Gujarat once looking at the mesmerizing Rann of Kutch
Rajasthan became my favorite when I looked at the beautiful palaces
Haryana I got to know the root of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra
Punjab when I saw glittering sarovar of Golden temple, Amritsar
Uttarakhand when I passed by the serpentine trail of Mussorrie
Himachal, When I reached top of the Triund Hill
Finally when I crossed miles to reach Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir: I already realized that the whole India is beautiful, not just any single state.